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How to Get Rid of Hair Bumps

Hair bumps result from ingrown hairs that come from several things like tweezing, waxing, improper shaving and a dirty barber’s blade. This condition is referred as pseudo folliculitis barbae where the body reacts treating it as an infection where it cause tell-tale bumps and painful swelling. If the person scratches the ingrown the more abrasions you will have. The rest of the texts are the quick guides on how to get rid of hair bumps:

Shaving the area well

With the use of anti-bacterial cleanser, wash the area well first. The anti bacterial cleanser will open the pores and all the trapped oil, bacteria and dirt will be removed. Removing the particles will help to get rid of hair bumps. In doing this procedure, it is recommended to use a single blade razor. Making use of too many blades can cause ingrown hair and hair bumps to form. The best time to shave is immediately after taking a bath. This time the skin including the hair is already hydrated.

Everyday shaving is highly discouraged

The skin should be given 2-3 days to rest between a shave so that it will not suffer from regular hair bumps.  If the bumps continue to pop up every time that you shave, consider getting a shaving cream that is designed to help to prevent hair bumps.

Make use of an eliminating lotion

There is eliminating lotion available on the market today to get rid of hair bumps fast. This eliminating lotion will be applied to the area three times a day for 7 consecutive days or until you have seen a noticeable difference.  If the bumps continue to come back, you may want to either try a different lotion or use it again.

Exfoliating the areas affected

Regularly exfoliating the skin to remove the hair bumps as this would help in managing ingrown hairs. The main active ingredients of the exfoliating products are salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Eliminate the dead skin cells and clear follicles with the use of soft toothbrush and a liquid cleanser.

Hygiene as the key against hair bumps

Make sure that the shaving kit is clean every time you use it. Wash them for at least three times a week and don’t forget to rinse the shaving kit after each use. The shaving kit should be place inside the bag after use. Proper hygiene will prevent the bacterial build up.

Glycolic Acid-based Lotion

There is a load of possible roots of the emerging of hair bumps. Those dots popping out of our skin can be caused by pretty much whatever that inflames our hair follicles. Perspiration, stiff outfits, and overactive hair follicles are grounds for problems, much like particular medications and some diseases. If bacteria see themselves through our hair follicles, we are likely to acquire all types of health troubles. The mere relaxation on the dirty hot tub can cause you a bunch of bumps. Take care of the hair bumps with the use of a glycolic acid-based lotion. Decide on a lotion with an 8 percent concentration of glycolic acid. Spread the lotion over the affected areas two times a day as recommended to cure hair bumps.

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