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How to Get Rid of Hair Lice

Just when you thought all that scratching and itching on our head is just dandruff—think and check it again. It just might be one of your worse nightmares, the hair lice.

Hair lice are smaller version of vampires. They feed on human blood for survival. Maybe for Bella Swan, they are certainly good company, but these filthy blood suckers are pests. They are parasites that live in the hair and scalp of humans. Their small bites are incredibly itchy and annoying. Constant scratching on your scalp will cause inflammation, skin irritation and infections. They are easy to spread and contaminate other people. One way is by direct contact. Everyone could be their victim.

These blood suckers have three forms and absolutely being in a bat form is not one of them.

NOTE: Nymphs and lice are harder to catch because they move fast.


You can use over the counter and medical prescriptions to get rid of them. There are some medical shampoos such as Denorex that are found to be very effective to remove hair lice. All you have to do is follow the instruction on the package. Take extra precautions because some of them can be very dangerous when it gets contact to our eyes.  You’ll usually get a good idea on if it’s going to work or not after using it for a few days.  If you’re not seeing any results, it may be best to consult with a professional.

Use a nit comb

After applying lice based medication to your scalp, you’re going to want to use a nit comb to get rid of all the dead lice.  This is your chance to check the scalp to see if there are any lice living.  It may be best to have someone else comb your hair.  Keep in mind that it may take up to 4 weeks to ensure that all the lice is gone.

Purchase special soaps and shampoos

Coconut and olive oil are items to either consider or look for when washing your hair.  Consider washing your hair with specialized shampoos that work with lice problems.    As long as the shampoos contain these ingredients, it’s best to consider purchasing one.

Put your shower cap on

You can get rid of them by using different mediums like, Vaseline, mayo, castor oil and the like. In using them, you also have to put your shower cap on. Put a certain amount of your choice of treatment thoroughly on your hair and cover with a shower cap. Leave it on for an hour. But for the Vaseline, you can leave it overnight. This will suffocate and kill them. After that, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly. Dispose the shower cap you have used. You might as well use a nit comb after to get rid of dead lice and nits.

Don’t forget about the kids

Not your kids, but theirs. You might think you won by killing the obvious but not those nits. You can use a nit comb. These are fine toothed comb that will remove the nits and even the lice. Make sure when using this, you would be able to catch them with the use of towel. Put this towel over your shoulders to catch the pests. Be reminded that if they are still alive, you have to kill or dispose them before they can be on someone else’s head. Make sure that you also clean your comb.

Wash all items in hot water

It’s best to wash all the clothing, bed sheets and anything else that came in contact with lice.  Wash the items with hot water, as well as vacuum items such as the mattress.  To play it safe, experts will note that you should use a hair dryer on your mattress using the highest setting.

What worked for you?

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