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How to Get Rid of Hair on Arms

Androgenic hair is the scientific name of body hair. Obviously, it’s the hair that grows and develops on your body. This usually happens before or right after puberty. They are much finer, lighter in color and less visible. This is a result of the hormone androgen. Since androgens are commonly seen in males; they have the tendency to have more body hair than women.

For guys, arm hair is nothing but natural. In fact, they rather have body hair because it gives them a certain highlight of masculinity. However, arm hair can be a nuisance in two instances. One is that if they grow excessively. Then second would be if you are a woman! Who wouldn’t want to get rid of that? Luckily there are ways on how you can handle that. Here are a few tips:


The easiest, quickest and most convenient way to lose your arm hair is to simply shave them. It’s also the cheapest of them all. All you need are just your razor and your shaving cream. Just simply apply the shaving cream of your choice all over the desired part. Then with your razor, just run it through the parts where you applied the shaving cream. Now, just make sure that the razor’s blades are sharp. You don’t want any scratches on your arm. Finally, apply a moisturizing lotion for finishing touches to keep it smooth. The only downside of shaving is that you will have to repeat this process. The hair on your arms will grow back in probably after 2-3 days. Also, you can use an electrical shaver if you already have that.

Depilatory cream

This is also an easy and a cost effective way to remove your arm hair. Since a depilatory cream will simply dissolve your hair, shaving isn’t necessary anymore. Just simply apply the cream on the parts where you have hair. Then after 15 minutes, you can rinse it off. You will see the difference in no time. The good part in this kind of method is that the result will last for three long weeks. Also, since you didn’t shave it, the hair that will grow back will be thinner than what you will expect when shaving. Remember to read the instructions first before using the cream.


This has been pretty popular nowadays because of its being cheaper than laser treatments and still having the same results with just a few minor adjustments. There are a lot of waxing products that you can buy in your nearest health and beauty stores. You can do this at home by following the instructions given by the product of your choice. Normally, the hair is removed by applying a hot or cold wax on your skin and place the strip of paper on top of it. What will happen is that the wax will stick to your hair while it also sticks on the paper. What you have to do is to just pull the paper out quickly. This might be quite painful but it will be worth it as it will leave your arm smooth and hair-less. Also, try to purchase the new soy-based waxes as they naturally stick to the hair and not your skin. That would make it less painful.

Bleach Your Hair

The key to getting rid of arm hair vary in effectiveness and cost. Inexpensive or uncomplicated treatments chuck out arm hair instantaneously, but they remain to emerge again not so many days after. The tiny threads also hardens as they grow back, which gives your arms a coarse feel. But in the end it’s you who must opt for the remedy that works well on your skin.

Rather than taking arm hair out, you can hide them by bleaching or applying hair dye. Buy bleach that is precisely the exact shade as your skin color. Put it on the unnecessary hair then allow that stuff to settle. After a while, your arm hair should be imperceptible. Just be optimistic about your arm hair staying supple and silky, or else others will get mystified as to how fine arms can feel quite rough.

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