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How to Get Rid of Hair Static

Have you ever had those moments after waking up and checking yourself in the mirror and seeing that your hair seems like they have a life on its own? You look like someone electrocuted your hair and you can get your hair to go back to normal by just simply brushing. That is normal—it is called static hair.

It usually happens when your hair picks up an electrical charge especially when your hair is dry. Being the hair that it is, fine and composed of dead cells, it can easily manipulated by the electrical charge that run through it. According to Philip Kingsley, who is a well-known hair doctor, this is very common during winter season or even normal days where it’s just chilly. This is because our hair gets dry as the air is less moist everywhere. Getting rid of hair static is pretty easy so just choose the most convenient way for you.


Since static is caused by lack of moisture in the air, adding some is just the right remedy. Turn on your humidifier during winter. If it’s your first time to use a humidifier, just fill it up with a regular tap water and turn it on. This will enhance the moisture level and eventually help eliminate static cling. Increased humidity levels can discourage static cling.

Dryer sheet

These kinds of sheets are formulated to deject static electricity production in the dryer. It’s as simple rubbing the sheet on your hairbrush before brushing it into your hair. You can also rub the sheet directly to your hair. This trick can easily get rid of static hair.  Another item that works similar to a dryer sheet is silk.  Grab a silk cloth and slightly rub it over your hair to reduce the static.


Hairsprays are a way to keep your hair steady and slick. For better results, spray a generous amount of hairspray on a hairbrush, preferably a wide one. While the brush is still damp from the spray, brush your hair and make sure you have all areas taken care of. You can also use a tissue paper instead of using you brush.


Make sure that during these days, you must never forget to apply conditioner after you shampoo your hair. This will add moisture to your hair and help control static cling.  If you don’t have any type of conditioner, consider looking for highly reviewed conditioners online that can help prevent static over time.

Hair gel and hair leave-on

Apply a small amount of either hair gel or leave-on of your choice. Start from tips and slowly move your way up to the roots. Make sure that you apply an even coating and apply all the areas to get rid of the hair cling.

Purchase an anti-frizz cream

An anti-frizz cream not only avoid a greasy build up, a lot of the time, it’s a great alternative to consider when wanting to prevent static.  While a product such as this doesn’t work for everyone, there are many brands such as Dove and Suave to choose from.

What worked for you?

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