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How to Get Rid of Hammer Toe

Hammertoe refers to the bending of one or both joints of the toes. Abnormal bending can cause problem to arise. Initially they start with a mild deformity and get worse with time. Neglecting this condition will make the affected part rigid and become difficult to respond to any non-surgical treatment.

The most common cause of hammertoe is muscle imbalance involving muscle or the tendon. The case will also get worst if the shoes are forced to fit.  In some case, hammertoe is hereditary. The symptoms manifested are the following: pain at the affected toe, burning sensation and contracture of the toe. In order to avoid this kind of situation, the following are the best guides on how to get rid of hammer toe:

Change the footwear

In order to get rid of hammertoe, the shoes should be replaced with the right size. Pointed shoes or a shoe with high heels is not recommended because it can force your toe against the front of the shoe. The basic rule is to wear shoes which is comfortable and hassle free.

With the application of orthopedic devices

A customized orthopedic device placed in the shoes will help in controlling the muscle/tendon imbalance. It immobilizes or restricts the feet from too much movement, aiding the natural healing process.

Performing foot exercises daily

Exercising both toes will help to relax the tendons with the aid of physical therapist to get started.  You can also find many videos online through free video services such as YouTube and more.

Using cushions or strap to relieve discomfort

There are different over the counter pads available in order to decrease discomfort felt on the affected toe.

Taking NSAID’s to help relieve pain

Oral NSAID’s like ibuprofen will help to decrease the inflammation and pain felt at the affected toe. If oral NSAID’s didn’t respond then you can also use injection therapy. Corticosteroid injection can be an option to ease pain and inflammation.

If problem gets worst, consult a doctor

If hammertoe is not relieved by oral medications and different interventions then it is the best time to consult a doctor. Doctor may apply a splint or strap in order to realign the bent toe. The last option of having a hammertoe is the means of surgery.

Foot Straightening Devices

Hammer toe is a state where in the toes shrinks and coils abnormally; resulting to a malformation to the foot that can hurt much. Genetics, wrong shoes, arthritis and aging also influencing factors in having hammer toes develop. Indications of having hammer toes are stiffness, lumps, bumps and burns emergent above the toes, spasms and frailty. Hammer toes will just worsen if left untreated, so make no for delay in attempting to divest yourself of hammer toes.

Countless hammer toes react to this equipment commonly known as a toe straightener or hammer toe splint. These devices aid you in retraining the toes to reposition back to its normal correct form. Foot orthotics, devices put within your standard pair of shoes, can frequently help to refigure feet affected by hammer toes.

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