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How to Get Rid of Hang Nails

When you hear the word hang nail, the first thing that might cross your mind is that your nail or a part of it is hanging (or something like that). That is often the common misconception. Hang nails are actually part of the dry skin (or what they call the cuticle) that eventually grows and protrudes at the sides of the nails. The usual cause of this is nail biting. These are common among children as they are fond of biting their nails from time to time.

Most often than not, hang nails are very painful and annoying. Every time that it gets into contact to another object especially your clothes or even by just touching it, you feel a tinge of pain. But there’s a tricky part, because you want to get rid of it, instinct will tell you to pull it out. Now that’s going to be painful and that might leave you a tiny wound. Here are a few tips to avoid that painful process.

Soak then cut

The best way to get rid of hangnails is to cut it while it’s still in its early life. For better results, it is best to soak your fingernails in a soap solution. You can also use plain water or oil. This way, your cuticles will become soft. Soak them for about a good 10-15mins. Afterwards, pat you fingers dry. You will now notice that the hang nail is now softer and less sensitive. The next thing that you will do is to cut the hang nail carefully using a nail clippers or petite nail scissors. Be conscious on how you will cut it. Don’t cut too much of the skin off because that might cause it to bleed. Finally, after cutting the hang nail, seal it with a liquid Band-Aid to protect it from dirt that may cause infection (since this count as an open wound).

Moisturize regularly

Since hang nails are generally from dry cuticles, it is imperative to prevent your hands from drying. Always moisturize using your preferred lotion. After taking a bath, make it a habit to apply lotion. Also, petroleum jelly can be of great help when it comes to moisturizing. One of the key ingredients of petroleum is fats which is the best way to penetrate into your skin’s layers. Some may complain that this is your skin becomes warm. So the best thing to do is to apply this at night. Apply this carefully on your hands, concentrating more on the cuticles then put on some clean socks so it won’t spread all over.

Pamper your nails

It is not bad to pamper them from time to time. In fact, you should give them a break after a long stressful day. Hire a manicurist to clean them properly. Make sure that she knows what she’s doing. If she does it correctly, all dry and dead cuticles are removed. Thus, hang nails are impossible to grow.

Petroleum jelly

You squirm when you happen to see a tiny shred of skin alongside your fingernail splitting your nail and your cuticle. Whenever it comes in contact with anything, you sense a hint of pain. In case your clothes touch this slip of skin, you feel the sting. More often than not, you do away with this through slashing it off using a nail cutter. Do know that this is not a component of your nail. Theoretically, it is termed a hangnail.

Petroleum jelly will aid you a great deal in administering to this nail problem since this stuff has proven to be an effective moisturizer. Your petroleum jelly has fats that break through into your skin’s layers efficiently. As the jelly is left to set on your skin, a film is produced, keeping air from turning your skin dry.

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