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How to Get Rid of Hat Hair

Hats are great. They are a plus if you want to make an extra statement for your outfit and an extra plus because it actually protects your eyes, forehead and hair from the harmful rays of the sun.  From baseball caps to fancy hats, they serve their purpose very well.

However, what happens when you decide to take it off?  Hats can give you a double minus when it comes to your hairstyle after you remove that hat. A good 30 minutes with that hat and you can say hello to your new and improved hair style—the hat hair. It leaves your hair with unwanted and very obvious dents which makes it wavy and unruly. The frustrating part is, if you’re hair is a hard-headed one, simply brushing or combing it won’t be enough. Fortunately, there are some ways to get rid of that weird-looking hat hair and make you hair stand out even after using a hat.


This is one of the best ways to make sure that the dents and marks will be out of sight. What you want to do is to apply enough hairspray to the places where you can see the dents and marks. Then brush your hair immediately. Another trick is to apply the hairspray to your hairbrush and run the brush through your hair and scalp. That would make sure that you have even and enough amount of hairspray all throughout your hair. For best results, use a paddle brush as it can make your hair in place in no time.

Hair polish

This hair product is known to smoothen out your hair. Another effect of a hair polish is that it acts as an emulsifier. Just have a few drops on your palm and apply it through your hair concentrating on the dents and marks made by the hat. Make sure that you apply it until you reach your scalp. Afterwards, brush your hair.

Damp it a bit

Spray a bit of water on the part where the dents and marks are located. The trick here is to recondition your hair. After that, make sure that you dry it up with a fan or your hairdryer. The reason for this is that if you leave it wet, that part of your hair will just get tangled. Finally, brush your hair until you get the look that you want.

Warm water

Using a small towel, soak it in warm water (the warmer the better).  Squeeze the excess water and cover your hair with it by wrapping it around your head. Let it stay there for a minute or two and take it off. The idea here is to iron it out and help your hair straighten the dents. Then make sure to dry your  hair afterwards or else your hair will just look frizzy and all tangled up.  If this doesn’t work, you last resort may be to simply take a shower.  By rinsing your hair and letting it soak for up to an hour, you’ll quickly find that your hat hair will go away.

What worked for you?

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