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How to Get Rid of Hat Stains

Hats are accessories that will never go out of style. May it be the classical baseball type hat for the boys and elegant big hats for the girls—it always gives us that kick of fashion. Also, it is a big help for keeping our foreheads and eyes away from the harsh rays of the sun.

However, like any other garments, stains and other discoloration can’t be avoided. There are some instances that too much sweat that the hats usually absorb can be a great cause of stains.  Also there are the continuous exposure of dirt and also the unforeseen incidents.  It is imperative that you take care of your hats (especially if you are really into collecting them. Now, the texture of most of the hats may be similar to that of our clothes but there are a couple of unique ways on how to get rid of hat stains. You don’t have to send them to a professional cleaner, just a few simple tips for an easy breezy way to get rid of those stains.

NOTE: Before proceeding with the following tips, make sure that you have read the hat’s tag. There might be special instructions and precautions that you have to take into considerations. When you have already done that, choose any of the following tips:

Simple brushing

Now there are dirt that you can easily see that it just needs some mild cleaning. Most of the time, there are just loose dirt that can be easily removed. All you need is just a brush. Now make sure that you are using a brush that has soft and plastic bristle. Brush off loose dirt and dust very carefully. Remember to never force the brush into the fabric. For best results, you can go through the hat’s lining with some enzyme-based laundry spray.

Washing machine

This method is not intended for all kinds of hats. Again, read the tag first. If it says there that it can be washed using a washing machine, then you’re ready to go. Just wash it like how you do with clothes but remember to set it on delicate cycle. You can also toss in a few of your clothes with the same fabric to save water and soap. You can either use warm or cold water for this; also, always use a mild detergent soap. Never use or put in bleach or else that would be the last time that you are going to see your hat in a decent appearance. If you want to be 100% sure that your cap will maintain its shape, you can purchase a cap cage (for caps only). This would be a plastic cage that will hold the cap securely in position to protect it while it’s inside the machine.


Using a dishwasher is not the wisest choice you have especially if you have a dishwasher that doesn’t have the control for the temperature inside. If the water gets too hot, it might damage the hat. However, using a dishwasher will prevent it to be deformed. What you have to do is to just put the hat on the top most rack then set the temperature. This way, the cap will not move while it’s being washed.

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