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How to Get Rid of Hawks

Hawks are commonly known as birds that have sharp eye sights which is very important especially when spotting their prey from a far distance. They often attack other birds, cats, dogs, rodents and the like. When they see their prey, they fly swiftly and grab them by their beaks and tear them apart. No matter how small they are and how big their preys are, they always have the advantage because of their ability to fly swiftly.

As of today, the government has implemented a law that inhibits us to shoot or even scare away hawks. However, there are certain circumstances in which you can ask for permits as hawks can be very dangerous to animals. When that circumstance comes, there is absolutely a way to get rid of them. Read through the following for some tips on how to get rid of them.

House your poultry and cage your fishponds

Chickens, ducks, pigeons that are running free on the ground are just the icing on a perfect cake for any hawks that is on sight. It would be like an eat-all-you-can buffet. So in order to prevent that, keep your poultry somewhere safe and not visible to hawks. Also, you could create an enclosed fence that is covered in poultry wire, nylon netting or overhead wires. Make a 5 to 6 inches space in between so that hawks can’t go near. This may also be applies in fishponds. You can install a net cage around you fishpond so that it would be hard for the hawks to attack their prey.

Take the bird feeders

This would be a temporary trick. It is known that hawks look out on birdfeeders in order to easily catch their prey. What you have to do is to take down the feeders. What will happen is that the small birds will soon disperse as they have no food to eat. Eventually, the hawks will observe that the site isn’t a good hunting ground already and so they will find another location. This will take several weeks to take effect. You will know the right time to take the feeders back as you will notice that there are no hawks around anymore.

Request for a trapping permit

If all efforts made fail, you can request for a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Services. The request will allow you to trap and relocate the hawks. After you have obtained the permit, you can hire someone who is experienced with hawks. All they have to do is to trap the hawks. However, another permit can be issued to allow you to shoot the hawk as long as all nonlethal methods were unsuccessful and the hawks pose a danger to public health and safety.

In some states, you’ll find that you’ll be able to trap the hawks and release them elsewhere.  If this is an option, consider trapping them nearby and releasing them a few miles away from your home.  Keep in mind that if you continue to keep animals running free, they may continue to just keep coming back.

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