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How to Get Rid of Hay Fever

Hay fever is medically known as allergic rhinitis. It is an allergic reaction to airborne particles that usually affects the nose and ears. The common culprits of this disease are pollens of some seasonal plants, some airborne chemicals such as perfumes and dust particles that are often irritating. It is commonly known as hay fever because it is most prevalent during the haying season which is from late May until the end of June. However, there are still instances that you may suffer from hay fever all throughout the year as it will attack you the moment you get exposed to certain kinds of particles that may irritate you.

Most people who suffer from hay fever are those who have had this since they were still little kids. Most of the symptoms include runny nose, teary eyes and inflamed sinuses. But don’t worry as this is very treatable. Here are some tips and medications that you can take to make you feel better.



If in the slightest chance that none of the medications work, your Allergologist might recommend allergy shots called immunotherapy or desensitization therapy. What will happen is that you will receive regular dose of small amounts of allergens in the form of injection. This is to get your body used to the same allergens that cause the symptoms that you usually have. This will eventually decrease your need for further medications. This is found to be very effective if you are particularly allergic to dust, animals and pollens.

Sinus rinsing

Nasal irrigation is a very effective way to relieve nasal congestion quickly and it’s very inexpensive too. All you have to do is to prepare a squeeze bottle with a unique spout that is specialized for nose rinsing (you can find this in your pharmacy stores) and an over the counter nasal saline solution. If you want to prepare your own, you can just mix 2 cups of warm water and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Pour the solution to the squeeze bottle and start irrigating one side of your nose at a time. This will instantly rinse out mucus and allergens from your nose.

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