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How to Get Rid of Heel Bruises

Our heel bone is scientifically known as the calcaneus. Like any other parts in our body, when this part gets into trauma or gets injured, it results to bruising. When talking particularly about how it easily happens to your heel, it is primarily when certain parts of the fat pad that protects the calcaneus gets pushed to the side of the heel bone. This can affect the heel by weakening its protective layer thus causing it to swell and leave you with painful sensation on that part.

Although dancers and athletes are mostly to be affected by this condition, anybody that gets injured on that part can experience this. For athletes that require a lot of direction changes such as badminton, soccer and basketball or for some who just love to dance can easily get heel bruises. Here are some of the easy and simple steps on how to get rid of those bruises.

The RICE method

Warm compress

After doing the first aid method (48 hours after), heat is needed to relieve the muscles and dilate the veins. By doing this, the present blood clot formation (bruising) will start to break down. Also, this increases blood flow that helps the clots to break even faster.

Tape the heel

Find a medical tape that you can safely wrap around your heel.  What you’re going to want to do is tape the fat part of your heel.  Try not to wrap it too thick as you may find that it’s going to be harder to put your shoes on.  On top of wrapping, consider placing a cold compress inside of the wrap to keep the heel cool as well.  This wrap is going to help prevent the heel from rubbing as well as any type of pressure.


If you’re finding that this heel pain keeps coming back, consider doing some sort of stretching exercises to prevent it from happening in the future again.

What worked for you?

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