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How to Get Rid of Heel Cracks

Like the term says, cracked heels are simply formation of cracks on the heel of your foot. This is characterized and cause by excessive dry skin of your heel. You may also notice that your heel looks scaly, dry and somewhat rough. It usually starts with a few minor symptoms like dryness. Then after a while, when most of the symptoms become excessive, it cracks. There are times that it cracks to hard that it can be very painful to walk.

One of the many contributors to cracked heels is your footwear. If you are fond of wearing footwear with an open back (exposing your heel), you are very prone to having cracked heels. The temperature is also one factor. Excessive cold weathers or cold temperature in some places like in the office can lead to cracked heels. The more sever the condition, the harder it is to be treated. So as soon as you see simple dryness or small cracks, do practice one of the following remedies:

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a well-known cream that is used to smoothen out any hardened areas of your skin. Just apply this to the heels of your feet—pay more attention to the cracks and add a little more on those areas. It is best that you do this before going to sleep. Also, put on your most comfortable socks to avoid the petroleum jelly to go to your bed sheets.

Pumice stone

This is often used when you have foot spa. So if you don’t want to spend more, just purchase a pumice stone in any health and beauty stores.  If you can spare a little more money, buy a foot scrub cream as well. So the first thing that you have to do is to soak your feet in a basin with warm water. You can also add any liquid soap to smoothen the heel skin more. Let it stay that way for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, scrub your heels with the pumice stone. This will easily remove all the accumulated dead skin cells that have dried out. Apply the foot scrub cream then scrub a little more. If you feel that your heels are soft and smooth already, dry your feet thoroughly. Apply a moisturizer, foot cream or any lotion on your feet especially on your heels. You can actually do this twice a week for better results.

Banana pulp

Just simply collect the pulp of two ripe bananas then blend it in a mixer until it becomes into a thick paste. Wash your feet with warm water the pat dry. Apply a thin layer of the paste on the cracked areas of your heels. Leave the paste for about 10 to 15 minutes then rinse the area with lukewarm water.

Protect your feet

Always make sure that you’re protecting your feet from dirty and dusty places.  It’s best to wear shoes and protective shoes to ensure that your heels are staying clear of this type of debris.  Also, when wearing these shoes, make sure that you’re wearing softer socks that don’t cause a lot of friction on your heels.  If possible, also make sure that your socks aren’t too tight.

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