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How To Get Rid Of Hermit Crabs

Some people have taken interest with hermit crabs. These hermit crabs, unlike the normal crabs that you eat at a fancy seafood restaurant, are better off to be pets rather than to be a part of a scrumptious dish. They have this unique appearance, with long and soft spiraled abdomens that are being covered by a shell. Most of the times, you will see a hermit crab all tucked in its shell, and it only comes out when it wakes up. They are cute, friendly and very affordable, that is why some people like to keep hermit crabs as their pet.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside to taking care of crabs. They need to be placed in a container that has damp sand or something similar to it. The bad news about this is that mites and other fleas like to share with the hermit crabs lair. This is one reason why some people just want to get rid of their hermit crabs after taking care of it for months. If you are one of those hermit crab owners who are experiencing mite attack brought about by your pet, you can decide to just fight the mites or dispose off your pet. If you have chosen to just get rid of hermit crabs, here are some friendly things that you can do.

Give them away

Do not kill hermit crabs! Even though they are just one of those many species of crabs out there, they contribute to nature as well. Plus, you probably would not be able to take killing your own pet. So if you want to get rid of your hermit crab, you can just give them away to other people who might want to have it. There are many things you can do to find its next owner. Just refer below:

Advertise on the internet

Internet advertisement is easy, efficient and effective. With just some minutes of typing and a few days of waiting, you will be able to get rid of that hermit crab of yours. Simply visit a free advertising site, like Craigslist and post the advertisement for your hermit crab giveaway under the categories in your city. Just let them know your address and contact so they can pick up your hermit crab.

If you want, you can even make money out of your hermit crab. Instead of posting an advertisement for hermit crab give away, you can opt to sell them for a cheap price. Once you have posted the advertisement, just patiently wait until someone takes interest to your hermit crab.

Ask your friend to get it

If one of your friends has previously shown their liking for your pet hermit crab, then you can just give that friend of yours a call and ask him if he wants to keep your crab. If he says yes, then your problem is solved. Just tell your friend to pick up the hermit crab or volunteer to give drop it at his house.

Ask your neighbors

If none of your close friends are interested in your hermit crab, then you can proceed to the people living around your neighborhood. Families with little children are your number one target because kids are most interested with this kind of pets. Simply drop by your neighbor’s house and ask them if they want to have a hermit crab and that you are willing to give them one if ever they agree to it.

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