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How To Get Rid Of Hive Beetles

While insects help with the world in their own terms, some exist just to pester and annoy people, especially homeowners. However, that isn’t just limited to people. Sometimes other insects do things to damage properties or the home of other insects. It all depends on the environment and how people deal with them. For example, ants wouldn’t bite you if you don’t step on them. The feeling’s mutual so there’s no problem there. Some insects are there just because they are there. You may find one or two cockroaches in your home but it is natural to do so. Flies will contaminate your food so keeping food well hidden and protective is the way to go. There are these times when man can control what needs to be done to protect themselves from the insects by normal means. But even so, some insects require a bit more effort to get rid of, especially when it’s business they are wrecking.

A good example of this is a colony of hive beetles. As their names suggests they pester and infest hives like honeycombs and severely damage them. The reason for this is that they find the honeybee hives the best place to reproduce. Bees use these hives to store their honey supply, but if hive beetles use them to reproduce, it would leave nothing but destruction at its wake. Not to mention they will defecate and contaminate all of that precious honey and causing the honey to be spoiled. This will also cause the bees to recognize the contaminated honey and reject them as food, and without food, the bees will die. Not really good for business of any kind, especially those dealing with the use of bee products and flowering plants. Not to mention that, without bees, the food crops in the world will decline. That is why it is important to get rid of hive beetles. Here’s how.

Preventing an invasion is the first action to take

Start by purchasing diatomaceous earth from a known dealer who can sell them for a good quality or food-grade diatomaceous earth. The types for swimming pool are a no-go. The crystalline particles make it a poor choice as an insecticide.

Purchase pre-made hives to use for trapping the blasted beetles

You can try to find these in stores, but they are easier to purchase online as they are quite rare. Some hive beetles are finicky so you might need to experiment which works best for the beetles you are trying to get rid of.

Lure them

The luring may begin by using pear extract, slow-release ethanol, or brood pheromone. Like the hives, find which one attracts the beetles most. Most of these baits are also purchased online so be sure to put some money into this. Additional instructions are enclosed with these baits, so take time to know the product first before using it.

Set up traps

Place the mixed diatomaceous earth and hydrated lime into the soil around the base of the hive. After that, sprinkle additional diatomaceous earth and lime on top of the mixed soil. You are now ready to put these traps into place.

Set the traps out on the soil you just mixed and treated. When the beetles approach, the treated soil should slowly kill them, preventing the destruction of your precious hives.

What worked for you?

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