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How to Get Rid of Hogweed

There are different types of plant that we would like to grow in our garden. Most of them, we allow but there are times that unwanted plants can grow as well. Weeds are a type of plant that can invade other plants and steal the nutrients that your plant deserves. Weeds usually grow even though it is unwanted.

One type of weed that can grow in the garden are hogweeds, these plants have about 60 species and one kind of it known as the giant hogweed. They are considered to be noxious weed and are not supposed to be discarded of the usual way. The sap of hogweeds can cause severe skin inflammations when it is exposed to sunlight.

Due to its nature, the government even took the liberty to create a law to prevent growing hogweeds in the wild. If this type of plant has become a nuisance in your property, you can follow the procedures stated below to kill hogweeds and its one less problem to deal with:

Wear gloves then pull them out

Hogweeds produce sap that can cause skin inflammation and this is the reason why we need to wear gloves before pulling them out. Other than gloves, you should wear protective gear that will cover any exposed part of your body to avoid the sap from getting onto your skin. Once you have the proper gear, you can pull out the hogweed manually. Make sure that you pull from the roots to make sure that they do not grow again. After you use the clothes in removing hogweed, you will need to wash it since the sap will cling onto the fabric if left unwashed.

Dispose of them properly

Since hogweeds are toxic plants, make sure that you dispose of them properly. Put them inside a bag that can be sealed and contact your local waste management office to make sure that they will be disposed of properly. Hogweeds can pose potential threat to other people and this is why extra care should be exercised when taking care of them.

Use weed killers

There are different types of weed killers that you can purchase from different gardening suppliers. One of type of weed killer that you can purchase is the herbicide glyphosate. This type of chemical can effectively kill hogweeds but proper care should be given when they are used since it can affect the other legitimate plants in the garden.

Before you apply this type of weed killer, make sure that you cover or remove other plants that may be affected by the weed killer. You would have to replant them after you have treated your garden with the weed killer.

Dig it out

Like other types of plants, hogweeds have roots. Use a trowel or a small shovel to dig it out the roots of the hogweed. By getting rid of the roots, you will be able to kill the hogweed and prevent the spread of this invasive plant at the same time.

Hire professionals

For large infestations, you will need to hire professionals to get rid of hogweed. There are environmental hazards that hogweeds can cause and they should be disposed of properly. Serious burns are caused by hogweeds and can cause serious medical implications. Hogweeds grow rapidly and if you don’t have the time to deal with them, hire professionals to do it for you.  Use services such as to find the best pest control companies in your local area.

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