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How to Get Rid of Holly Bushes

There are several kinds of plants that we can use as ornaments and no matter how beautiful they look inside our houses; they serve a totally different purpose outside. One type of plant that can be used as ornament is holly bushes. They are a type of plant that can be versatile in growing as they can grow in different continents.

There are several species of holly bushes and their sizes range from 3 feet to a gigantic 70 feet. Holly bushes can grow and spread that it can disrupt the growth of other plants around it and the need to kill them may be necessary. Holly bushes have hard stems and can affect the other plants that grow near it.

Holly bushes are not hard to kill; all you need is the right equipment and the right technique. Although patience should be observed when dealing with them since they are hardy type of plants. The following steps can help you in killing off holly bushes:

Saw off the branches

As what was mentioned earlier, there are several species of holly bushes and they can grow from 3 to 70 feet. Use power tool such as saw or hedge clippers to remove the branches that surrounds the trunk. By removing the branches, you will be able to work on the trunk without any hindrance.

After you have taken care of the branches, you should also cut the trunk. Cut the trunk down as much as you can closer to the ground. If you notice, slowly cutting off parts of the holly bushes is the key to make sure that you work in an efficient manner.  

Get rid of the roots

The roots of the holly bushes can spread to a large area underground. The root system is extensive and this is one of the causes why they have a negative effect on the plants around them. The reason why you should cut the trunk down close to the ground is that you would have to dig them out and a smaller trunk would be easier to dig out especially if the roots are extensive. If you are unable to take care of the roots, be prepared to watch holly bushes grow back. Like weeds and other plants, roots should be taken out to ensure permanent removal of the plant.

Deal with smaller holly bushes

When there is a presence of large holly bushes, smaller ones are sure to be in existence as well. Once you have taken out the trunk of the holly bush, you will have to check for the roots since it can branch out and grow smaller holly bushes in the process.

You can also use saw and hedge clippers to cut down the holly bushes in smaller sizes and dig out the roots. Follow the roots and dig out any remaining holly bushes that remained. You can also use different types of chemicals that can kill holly bushes.

Hire contractors

If you don’t have the time to worry about holly bushes, you can hire contractors that specialize in gardening and dealing with different types of plants that can obscure the growth of others in the garden. Also they have the appropriate tools and equipment not to mention the experience which they can use to take holly bushes out without damaging the surrounding plants in the garden.  To find contractors in your area, consider using services such as

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