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How to Get Rid of Honeybees

Honeybee is essential to the reproduction of flowers. Without them, flowers will not be pollinated and will not be able to reproduce. Honeybee gets nectar from flower to flower which enables the reproduction process. If there are flowers around, it is almost guaranteed that near a tree branch hangs a beehive.

As important as bees are, they can prove to be a nuisance to humans. We simply cannot live within the vicinity of a beehive. Although it’s not the bees fault to be protective of their hive and this is one of the main reasons they attack. Honeybees are equipped with stings and they are willing to use it when provoked.

Honeybee can attack in swarms and this can be fatal. This is probably the best reason why honeybee should be removed from your property. There are different methods that you can use to get rid of honeybee, just be sure that you precede with care since they will attack when provoked:

Survey the location of the hive

Beehives should never be inside a house, they should be outside since they can cause extensive damage to property and it is not right to have a beehive in your garage or porch. Check whether or not you need to get rid of honeybee by searching where the beehive is located. If the beehive is in a tree, you should probably leave them alone as they do not attack unless threatened.

It’s a totally different story if you get honeybee inside your house, if a beehive is present in your garage or the porch then you don’t have to think twice in removing it. Bees when threatened will attack and they can damage your property as well.

Check with local laws

Killing honeybees may not be allowed in all of the states or even in counties. You may want to visit a county extension agent to check whether or not killing honeybees are allowed in your county. If it’s not allowed, let them know where the position of the beehive is, especially if they are living in your house.

Killing them may not be necessary

Since honeybees are considered to be an integral part of the environment, you may want to contact beekeepers that can remove the honeybees at minimal charge or even for free. A bee colony can be dangerous to remove and beekeepers are experts in removing honeybees without killing them.

This may be the best way to remove honeybees since they will be removed with everything intact. The bees will be preserved and they will be transferred to a location where they will be taken care of.

Call a pro

It is not safe dealing with honeybees since they can attack when provoked. If you don’t have any experience in taking care of them, you should call a professional that knows what to do with the honeybees. They will even take care of the permits that you need to get when your county laws do not allow for killing honeybees.  If you want to find low professional quotes in your area, consider using services such as

Killing as a last resort

Bees are inactive during the night and this is the best time to sneak in and spray bee killing chemicals in the hive. This should be done as a last resort and you should not do this without the permission of the local government if it’s not allowed.

Before you spray and disturb honeybees, wear protective gears that can prevent bees from attacking you since they would still have the chance to attack you.

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