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How to Get Rid of Hornworms

Gardening can be a chore in itself and yet there are a lot of things that can make it a lot harder. You see to grow a perfect plant; several things are to be considered. The soil where you plant the plant in plays a very important factor as well as the amount of water you need to put on it. Much worse, there are creatures that can infest your plants and if you are gardening, one of these creatures are hornworms.

Plants can attract hornworms especially if you are growing tomatoes, potatoes or eggplants. They have the capability to devour the entire plant which makes all the months waiting for it to grow useless. Hornworms are green in color which sort of provides them camouflage which makes it hard for people to see them. The worst part is, you would be thinking twice before applying pesticides on it since it can affect the plant.

Careful thinking and proper procedures should be the most important part in getting rid of hornworms. There are different methods that you can do to remove the hornworms from your garden. The most appropriate way to get rid of hornworms is by using natural methods as this will not have any effect on the plants that hornworms might be feasting on.

Check for infestation

The most important part of getting rid of hornworms is to check if they do exist. If you have confirmed that there is an infestation in your garden, you would be able to identify the specific ways to get rid of hornworms. It would be a bad idea to apply different insect killing sprays on the plants if it can have a severe effect on the plants where they live in.

Spray them with water

Hornworms can be hard to see since their color matches the natural color of the plants around them which is green. If you haven’t watered the plants down yet, you can spray them with water coming off of a hose with the right amount of pressure. When the water hits the hornworms, there is a chance that they will fall off the ground. After this, you can spot them easily since they will be on the ground.

Apply non toxic bug killers

There are bug killers that you can use without killing the plant where the hornworms live on. Purchase bacillus thuringiensis to attempt to kill hornworms. Unlike pesticides, BT is non toxic to plants, animals and humans. This product is proven to be very effective since people have mentioned that they find dead hornworms just a day after they apply this.

Use lime dust to kill hornworms

Doing thing naturally can help reduce the effect on the environment and averts any harmful effects on the human body. There are organic ways to remove hornworms and you should use these options first before resorting to anything drastic. One type of natural treatment to get rid of hornworms is by applying lime dust. If you are not already aware, lime provides valuable nutrient to the plants and they can also kill hornworms.

You can use lime dust or hydrated lime dust which you can spray on the soil. Remember that the eggs of hornworms are usually born in the soil and the lime hits the soil it can potentially kill of newborn hornworms.

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