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How to Get Rid of Horse Flies

Flies are probably the most common and irritating insect that would infest our houses. They are fast moving and can be found in almost all parts of the world. Flies are dangerous as they can carry diseases through hundreds of pathogens they have. Flies usually live on warm climates and there are several breeds of flies that can infest your house. If you thought a housefly looks disgusting, wait until you see horse flies.

You can just imagine with the name horse flies how big this flies can be. A housefly’s bite is barely felt but with the huge size of horse flies, their bite can cause rashes and there have been reports that some animals lose up to 300 ml of blood from horse fly bites. This is aside from the usual diseases transmitted by flies.

If the description of horse flies does not scare your wits out, then nothing probably will. But the most important thing is to kill off the flies as they are considered to be pests. Horse flies are bigger and worst. Anthrax, cholera and tularemia are some of the diseases you can get from these pests and you should do the following procedures to get rid of them:

Use environmental friendly products

When we think of killing insects, we automatically think of insecticides found in spray cans. Although they can be used, we should think of environmental friendly solutions that are readily available. You can use a mixture of water and liquid dish detergent such as Ivory which is an organic product that will not have any negative effects on other animals and plants.

Mix Ivory and water in a spray bottle and when you see horse flies anywhere close to your house, spray it to them and it will suffocate them. You can also spray this in trash cans where it is guaranteed that there is a huge population of horse flies.

Hit them with fly swatter

The most logical solution in killing horse flies is by hitting them with a fly swatter. Horse flies usually converge in a single location and when you hit that spot, it is guaranteed that you will hit one or two of them. Make sure that you approach the spot carefully since they can detect movement easily and would eventually escape.

Carefully clean the surface where you kill them since their blood and body can still cause diseases. Make sure that you sanitize the surface to prevent the spread of bacteria and remove any trace of the body of the fly.

Maintain a clean environment

Flies thrive in dirty surroundings and the best way to prevent them from multiplying is by maintaining a clean environment. Always cover trash cans as it can attract flies and other insects into it. Also, wipe any surface to clear it from any food and other substances that can also attract flies.

Dispose of food properly by placing them inside a bag and tying it securely before disposing of it. Remember that food rots and it can produce fly larvae so you may want to dispose of them fast.

Use insecticides

Insecticides can still be used although do not use them extensively. You can purchase insect killers that can kill different types of insects since there are some specifically designed to kill a specific type of insect.

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