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How to Get Rid of Horse Manure

Living beings live off of by eating food; the nutritional components found in the food, supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to function daily. Now what happens to the food itself after it is digested and the nutrients supplied to the body? Of course it needs to come out as it is already considered as waste. The amount of body waste we produce is determined by the amount of food we eat and you can just imagine how much waste a horse produces.

Horse manure is in ample supply since horse produces massive amounts of it every single day. Horse manure is definitely considered as waste and if horses are left with their manure close to them, the possibility of the horse eating it is an understatement. It can give the horse disease as well as a very nasty surrounding to live in. This is not ideal since horses can get sick and would eventually die off.

Wastes should be disposed of and horse manure is not an exception. Horses produce stunning amounts of manure day in and day out so constant disposal should be done. There are several ways to go about it and this should be done simultaneously since you may not be able to keep up in disposing of horse manure:

Use them as fertilizer

We all know that fertilizer’s can be made out of animal waste. As a matter of fact, organic fertilizers such as manure produce better vegetation. If you have horses and own a field for vegetation then you can use composts made from horse manure. This is probably one of the most efficient ways to dispose of horse manure since you can still get something out of it.

If you have more than enough horse manure to dispose, you can even make a tiny sum from the horse manure by selling them to those who need compost in their garden as well. Just make sure that you keep the composts separate from the horses since it may take time before they are bought. If you don’t seek profit, it would be easier to just give them away and have them hauled away.

Burn horse manure

If you have ample supplies of horse manure and you have used and given them away but you still have a lot, you should probably just burn them. This can be a very taxing job and you should have a process to make sure that they are disposed of efficiently. First, find a spot where you will burn the horse manure. Make a fire pit that is about 18 inches deep that doesn’t have any combustible material around it. Also, you may want to check if you need to get permits from the local fire department before you start a fire.

When you have a fire pit ready, you can dispose of manure efficiently. Just be sure to stay around when burning it but do not inhale the smoke as it will have negative effects on your body.

Hose it down

If your horses are contained inside a pen, you should clean it after disposing of the horse manure. There will be bits and pieces of manure left in the pen and you should wash it down with water, preferably pressurized water. You should also brush the pen and apply soap as well and rinsing it after.

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