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How to Get Rid of Hot Glue

The glue is probably the most indispensable tool for a person involved in making arts and crafts. Glue allows a person to bond different materials together and with the word bonding come unforeseen circumstances that may occur while we are using glue. Glue can sometimes get into our hands and it is something irritating to have on the skin.

Hot glue can be painful when it comes to contact with the skin but the pain would eventually subside after a few seconds since they dry up really fast. Hot glues are often produced by glue guns from glue sticks that load into them. Getting hot glue in your skin is not something life threatening but removing them should still be a priority.

Hot glue should be taken care of as soon you get it on your skin. They are rather annoying but they are not hard to remove. Unless hot glue is concentrated, it barely causes burns and they dry up within a few seconds. The following procedures can make removing hot glue so much easier and should help you in case you encounter this problem:

Heat it up

Hot glue can be a mess and they can get on almost every surface. Hot glue that has dried up can be melted again by applying heat from the glue gun or from a blow dryer. They have low melting point that within a matter of seconds, they would soften, enough to scoop them out or remove them.

Make sure that you use a spatula or anything that will prevent your hand from making contact with glue. When you scrape it off, do not forget to scrape off everything, not leaving any residue behind. Remember that you can use items that can produce heat and directly apply it to the dried glue allowing it to melt.

Pull the trigger

The glue gun acts as the dispenser for glue sticks and if you notice, the nozzle of the gun can get pretty hot. These allows the glue stick to melt once they pass through the nozzle, upon continuous use of the glue gun, the dried glue can clog the nozzle up. When this happens, you don’t have to worry since the solution is very simple, power up the gun and pull the trigger.

When you plug the glue gun in, the nozzle automatically heats up which would melt the glue clogged up in the nozzle. When the dried glue has been heated up, pull the trigger to squeeze out the remaining dried glue in the nozzle.

Wait until it dries out

Hot melted glue is very sticky and it should be allowed to dry before you do anything with it. As mentioned earlier, hot glue is not that hard to remove. But make sure that you only touch it when it dries up. To speed up the drying process, you can even apply water to it to lower the temperature. Again do not touch melted glue since it can get everywhere. Once the glue has dried up, you can remove it by hand but you need to be careful as it can peel off the surface where the glue stuck. The glue should be dried hard, so you have got to feel it first before removing it.

Clean the nozzle

To have your glue gun function as expected, make sure that you clean it thoroughly by squeezing out the remaining glue from the nozzle and wipe it off with damp cloth. The cleaner the nozzle is, the better the gun is at dispensing the glue, avoiding unexpected mess in the process.

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