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How to Get Rid of Hot Roots

People often would like to enhance the way they look and they would often undergo different procedures to make this happen. One of the most common and easiest to change in the body is the hair. There are several ways to improve the appearance of the hair and one of them is by changing the color of it.

But there are times that the appearance of the hair after dyeing is not as desirable as one wants it to be. The most common problem when hair is dyed is the occurrence of hot roots, now this doesn’t have anything to do with a warm feeling in the roots of the hair but rather, the color seems to be darker at the roots of the hair compared to the ends which makes the color inconsistent.

Apply equal amounts of hair color

Almost everyone can apply hair color to themselves, with the abundance of hair color products that flooded the market, chances are a lot of people have tried it already. Since most people does not translate to a professional hair stylist, there are plenty of mistakes one cannot avoid when they apply hair color.

It is almost guaranteed that hair dye is applied from the roots to the ends of the hair. This means that most of the hair dye is concentrated on the roots and as it goes to the ends, fewer of the hair color reaches it making the color lighter at the end. Applying equal amounts of hair color can prevent this occurrence so make sure that you apply same amounts of hair color to the hair.

Adjust formulation of the hair color

If hot roots have occurred, the best thing to counter the effects is by applying hair color that have a different formulation which varies on how strong the hot roots are. Use stronger shade of hair color that will be applied to the ends of the hair and a lighter one applied close to the scalp or the roots. This will allow for a more even coloring for both ends of the hair.

Save the roots for last

You can skip applying hair color to the roots and do it at the end of the procedure after you have applied it to the ends of the hair. Applying hair color at the ends of the hair will allow for more hair colors to concentrate on it. This will also ensure that the same amounts of hair color will be applied to the full strand of the hair.

Apply the hair color at least halfway from the roots and leave it on there for the specified time provided in the instructions and follow it up by applying the same amount of hair color from the roots through halfway of the hair.

Consult a stylist

Although it can be expensive to consult a stylist, it may still be necessary if you want a perfect look. The cost to correct the mistakes that have been made on the hair can be more compared to when you let the stylist put hair color on you.

Hair stylists have professional training which guarantees their qualifications and skills when applying hair color. They also have extensive experience when dealing with different hair problems and they can correct any necessary issues with the hair. Hair stylists will be able to apply the correct formulation of hair color to make the colors even.

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