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How to Get Rid of Icons on iPad

iPad is one of the many innovative gadgets that has been created, designed, developed and sold by Apple Incorporation. This is a line of computer tablet that is primarily acts as a platform for audio-visual media and other web contents. Just like the iPod Touch and iPhone, the line of iPad also runs the same operating system and can also run its own applications. Fresh from the Apple Store, an iPad can only run programs approved by Apple unless it undergoes modification.

Just like in iPhones and  iPods—there are applications that you can use. This is what makes the Apple gadgets so much fun and accessible. They are represented by icons that are easy to locate and use. However, there will be times that you would want to get rid of some of them. Maybe you need some re-organization or it’s simply something that you don’t use anymore. Here are some of the ways to remove icons:

Shake and delete

If the icon that you want to get rid of is represented by an application that you had from the App Store, you can just simply delete it. All you have to do is to go to Menu then Applications and locate the icon that you want to get rid of. Just tap the icon and hold it down until you see your screen shake or jitters. Afterwards, it will ask you if you want to delete the chosen icon. Just choose yes. If you have other icons that you can’t find this way, you can try to go to Manage section then choose Open packages then choose the icon that you want to delete.


Now there are some instances that you have deleted an icon but still you can still it. This can be because your iPad has not yet processed it. So the next best thing to do is to shut down your iPad and then restart it. You will now notice that the icon that you deleted earlier is now gone.


There is also another way to help your iPad process the changes that you have made. Simply hole both the Home button the iPad Shutdown button. Wait until you can see the Apple sign comes on. Then the next thing you have to do is to simply reboot then check for the icon.

What worked for you?

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