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How To Get Rid of Image Burn

Have you noticed small images burned onto your screen? Plasma televisions are susceptible to image burn. They are most noticeable over a gray background. An image is burned which results to low quality viewing experience. It is caused by “the continuous display of static graphics on the screen for extended periods of time. This causes pixels to become “stuck and only display one color. If you have ever had this happen to your screens, you know that it can be annoying, and depending on where the persistence is, difficult to work around.

How do we fix this issue? With reversed colors and identical treatment- that caused the condition in the first place- the screen will not perceptibly burn in further; given time, since you are using phosphors inversely proportional to the burned in image, the burned in image should theoretically, optically vanish.

Hold control command

While holding down control command and option keys press the ” 8 ” key. This reverses the colors on your screen. From here you can also set your machine to grayscale. There are also some techniques to eliminate this problem.  Your television is also possible to have some built-in tools to assist you.

Allow it to cool

So here are some methods on to get rid of image burn. If you already notice a burned-in image on the screen, then it is time to turn off your plasma and allow it to cool. Leave it off for 30 minutes. After it has been cooled, turn your plasma on and look if the image burn is still present.

View other programming

If it is still present then change the channel on your plasma to view other programming to check if the image burn is consistent in any channel. Allow this programming to play for at least an hour, making sure the images on the screen are fast-moving and continually changing to prevent further burn-in. After an hour, check the screen. The burn-in effect may have faded away.

Create static

Then next step is to create static to erasing burn-in. Disconnect the black coaxial cable from the “ANT IN” port on the back of the cable or satellite receiver. This will result in fast-moving and “snow” to fill the plasma TV’s screen. Just wait for several hours displaying the static to erase the burned-in image.

Bring up menu

There are options for correcting a burned-in image for most plasma TV so bring up the menu on your television.

“All White” or “Screen Wipe”

Find the option such as “All White” or “Screen Wipe” on the menu and select it. Let this program run its course for at least an hour. You will be notified when the process is complete, or you may choose “Cancel” to end the corrective activity. If you finish this cycle then you can now get rid of images burn on your TV.

What worked for you?

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