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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

An ingrown hair occurs when the sharp tip of the fair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. The hair curves back into the follicle and causes swollen and red bumps that are commonly known as razor bumps. This is very common in areas that have thick and coarse hair such as the bikini area, armpits, beard area, pubic area, etc. Notice that these are the areas where people shave. This is because ingrown hair occurs when you improperly shaved the area. It can also occur when the clothing is too tight.

Little did we know that infection can actually occur when you leave this condition unattended. The area becomes exposed to all sorts of bacteria and can further aggravate it. Here are a few things on how to get rid of ingrown hair.


Exfoliating the area will eventually remove any dead skin cells, dirt and as well as oil that is currently responsible for trapping the ingrown hair. Using an exfoliant of your choice, gently scrub the area. The pressure should be the right one as this method can also nudge the tip of the ingrown hair. But be careful of not putting too much pressure as this can further irritate it or can even bleed. Just to be sure, exfoliate very gently but do this for a longer period. Also, try to do it from different directions. For further suggestions, you can use a simple exfoliating glove and apply one of the following:

Warm compress

The warmth will eventually open the pores which will be easier for the ingrown hair to get off. Just simply wet a clean and soft washcloth with warm water (you should be able to tolerate the temperature) the press it against the area that has an ingrown hair. Keep on doing this and pour warm water if the washcloth gets cold. This will eventually bring the hair closer to the surface.

Tease the hair out

The warm compress should have brought the curled hair closer to the surface. This is a perfect time to pull the tip off. Using a pointed-tipped tweezers or a needle, gently pull the tip out of the skin. Make sure to refrain from digging the hair out or even completely pluck it out.

Acne medication

Apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid at least three to four times a day for a few days. Combine this with exfoliation will be enough to remove the ingrown hair.

Apply an antiseptic

An antiseptic is a great option to consider after the ingrown hair has been pulled.  This antiseptic is going to be able to prevent the hair from growing back.  Rubbing alcohol is an example of an antiseptic that can be purchased at your local store.

Consider getting a new blade

Older, duller blades that are pressed against the skin can cause these ingrown hairs to form.  Always make sure that you change out your shaving razors once they start to get dull themselves.  If possible, consider purchasing a higher quality electric based razor.  If you’re going to stick with an old fashioned razor, try to not to apply too much pressure while shaving.

Dry skin can cause it

Dry skin can lead to in grown hairs.  To prevent dry skin, consider a moisturizer or cleanser.  Apply this moisturizer after showering daily in order to prevent dryness.

Just wait it out

Over time, an ingrown hair is going to eventually come out.  If none of the methods mentioned above are working for you, you’re going to find that playing the waiting game may work out the best for you.  Moisturizing or exfoliation can help speed up the process, as mentioned above.

What worked for you?

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