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How to Get Rid of Ink Stains

One of the most annoying and stubborn stain that can get into the clothes comes from ink. When the ink dries up it seems that it is really impossible to remove. Imagine your favorite shirt having a blotch of ink; that thought alone is enough to ruin your day.

Ink is made up of different chemicals; it can be water based or permanent. Permanent ink stains, as the name implies, are very hard to remove although it should be noted that it is hard to remove but it is not impossible.

It is very important to remember that clothes are made of different fabrics and if you just force to remove it with various chemicals, your clothes are in danger of becoming a very expensive rag. The appropriate steps should be followed to make sure that you accomplish the job without damaging the material you want to remove the ink stains from. The following list should be observed:

Identify the material you will clean

As mentioned earlier, ink can go into different types of materials and rushing to remove them can damage it. Make sure that you know the type of material that you are cleaning to prevent this.

Remove ink stains as soon as you get them

The very first step is crucial, no matter what type of material you are wearing as this won’t totally remove ink stain but rather it will decrease the ink’s visibility before you perform thorough cleaning on it.

What you need to do is firmly press paper towels on the spot where the ink settled. Try not to blotch or rub as this can spread the ink wider. Once the paper towel absorbs the ink, it will be less visible and easier to remove.

Use different light chemicals

Ink is very stubborn when it dries up, so you will have to neutralize pigments in the ink. This may sound hard but it actually just means you will have to apply rubbing alcohol to the surface as it does just this. Rub a cotton ball or a sponge soaked in alcohol to the stained area then wait for it to settle. Repeat as necessary and rinse it with cold water to remove the alcohol and wash as normal.

Another trick with the paper towel is by using hairspray to remove ink stains. Place the paper towel under the material and spray liberally until you notice saturation on the stain. Other chemical that you can use is ammonia for non synthetic clothing.

Stronger methods for dried stains

Dried stains are very stubborn, yet there are heavy duty cleaning solutions that you can use to attempt to remove them. Several manufacturers make these chemicals that can force its way to the ink stain. If you have white clothing, you can use bleach and soak it overnight. Other stronger chemicals that you can use are Oxy Clean for ink stained by permanent markers and Dry Ease whiteboard cleaner for water based inks.

Take it to the laundry cleaner

Once you have done every step possible to remove the ink stains and yet it still remains, you can visit laundry shops and ask them if they can remove the certain type of ink that has stained your clothes.

Laundry shops have stronger chemicals and appropriate tools that they can use to remove ink stains properly.

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