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How to Get Rid of Iodine Stains

Iodine is known to clean wounds but when it comes to household it can be a difficult thing to remove. Iodine has antimicrobial substances that reduce the possibility of infection, putrefaction and sepsis. Iodine is described as a dye and it should be treated quickly to get rid of having a permanent stain. Read on how to get rid of iodine stains:

Proper identification of stained material

Before removing the stain, it is important to identify the stained material so that proper interventions can be applied on different material.   Successful removal of the stains will depend on the proper management being made.  Removing stains from your skin is going to be a lot different than removing stains from something such as clothing.

Simply using Ascorbic Acid powder

Ascorbic acid or simply Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant. Since Iodine is an oxidant then we will need Iodine because it is an anti-oxidant. Mix the ascorbic acid with water and apply it onto the stain. The stain is expected to disappear right before your eyes. The Ascorbic Acid powder is readily available at any local health food store.

Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C

Iodine is useful when you are cleaning up lesions. However, when it reaches the household surface it then becomes rather hard to chuck out. In view of the fact that iodine is a dye, you must administer to it straight away as it needs to be dealt with promptly to avoid stains permanently left behind.

Ascorbic acid or simply Vitamin C is an incredibly potent anti-oxidant. Given that Iodine is an oxidant then we will need Iodine due to the fact that it is an anti-oxidant. Blend the ascorbic acid with water and rub it against the stain. You should notice that the stain gradually expected to fade away right before your eyes. The Ascorbic Acid powder is available on-hand at any nearby health food store in your area.

Stained Fabric Material will be flushed with cold water

When it comes to fabric materials, it should be flushed with cold water. The cold water will be mixed with ½ tsp of bleach free detergent and one tbsp. of ammonia not more than 30 minutes. If the stains are considered old, mix 1 tbsp. of sodium thiosulfate with one cup of cold water. With the use of white cloth, sponge the stain with this particular solution and rinse the fabric well.

Simply washing the hands with soap and water plus alcohol

If the stains are found in the hands then the basic thing to do is to wash the hands with soap and water. If soap and water are not enough then rubbing some alcohol in the hands can help to get entirely get rid of the stain.  When washing your hands with soap and water, make sure that you let your hands sit under the water for at least three to five minutes.

With the use of denatured alcohol

One method of removing iodine stain is with the use of denatured alcohol. Wash the fabric with warm water and you have to sponge the stained area with denatured alcohol. After the procedure, leave sunshine to dry.

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