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How to Get Rid of Itchy Bumps

Our body has a natural reaction for anything that it comes in contact with. If you are cold, our body shivers and if we hit a surface really hard, our body will feel pain. There are times that we experience being bitten by bugs or other irritants that causes bumps on our skin. This is the common reaction of our body and along the bump comes the itch.

Itchy bumps, as what has been previously mentioned, are small red bumps that protrudes in the skin which causes it to itch. There are a lot of causes of red bumps and it can range from insect bites to being exposed to irritants or allergens. Itchy bumps are rather harmless but there are cases that they are caused by underlying issues that your body has.

If you see a small insect bite you and it resulted to having itchy bumps, then you shouldn’t worry since this is mostly harmless. But if you feel that there are other causes of itchy bumps, then you should find a way to get rid of it. To get rid of itchy bumps, you can follow the procedures listed below to remove these irritating bumps from your body:

Wash the area with soap and water

When you notice that there is a bulging red bump on your skin, you will need to make sure that you clean it right away. Since bites can cause infection, you will need to get rid of the bacteria to make sure that the bump doesn’t get worse. When you see an itchy red bump, you should get a towel and soak it in warm water and soap. Use a hypo allergenic soap which is great for sensitive skin, which is the current condition of skin that has itchy bumps. Apply the wet towel to the itchy red bump and massage it gently. By doing this, you are lessening the chances of infection.

Do not scratch it

What do you do with an itchy bump if it’s your instinct acts on it? You definitely feel like scratching it. But scratching an itchy bump can actually make things worse. If you scratch on the bump, the skin will further get irritated which would result in more redness. If you do scratch hard enough, it may leave you with an open wound, to the point that it may even bleed. Rather than scratching it, try massaging it gently.

Apply anti itch creams

There are several medications available specifically formulated to treat itchy bumps caused by bug bites and others. These creams contain calamine which can soothe the itchiness and will allow to mellow the redness down. You can also apply hydrocortisone cream to the area by dabbing it with a cotton ball. But remember to use this cream, when extreme redness occurs to the skin.

You can also use household items to get rid of itchy bumps. Baking soda has soothing effects that can relieve the itchiness which prevents you from scratching it and making things worse for you.

Have it checked by a doctor

When you feel that the itchy bumps are not going away and there are plenty more popping up. You then need to consider having it checked by a dermatologist. They will be able to provide you with the proper diagnosis as well as medicines to resolve the problem.

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