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How to Get Rid of Itchy Throat

An itchy throat is a medical condition that often causes us to cough. Our throat has an inner lining of mucous membranes. These membranes have tiny glands which secretes mucous that practically protects the inner walls of our throat. This way, there is a smooth passage of food and air. Now, in the slightest chance that there will be insufficient secretion of mucous, they are vulnerable to harmful exposure to pollution, food, bacteria. This can irritate your throat then causes it to itch.

There are a couple of causes as to why we have itchy throats. Mainly, it can be viral, bacterial or fungal infection. There are also some instances that the cause can be allergies, acid reflux, dehydration or even just speaking loudly for long periods of time. An itchy throat can be very painful especially when it leads to a sore throat. You may have difficulty to swallow food and also it can be painful when you try to speak. Here are some of the tips on how to get rid of that annoying sore throat.

Warm water therapy

The immediate relief from an itchy throat, especially when your throat is really dry, is drinking a lot of water—warm water preferably. Since the itchiness starts because of the lack of mucous secretions, it is best that you help it to stay well lubricated. You can also drink tea if you like. Warm water is the best choice because it will help you ease the pain as it dilates the nerve ending near your throat. Cold water will just irritate the wall lining of your throat and can worsen your condition.


You can take ordinary lozenges for temporary relief of the pain. They are these medicated candy-type pills that can help you lubricate and soothe your throat. They have anti-bacterial agents that can help you get rid of your itchy throat. Remember to read the instructions before taking them. They are not intended to be taken whenever you want to as some ingredients may be harmful if taken in large doses.

Gargle with saline water

One of the popular home remedies of itchy throat is to gargle using lukewarm saline water. Saline water is just water and salt. To prepare this, prepare three cups of water and add in 4 tablespoons of salt. Bring the solution into a boil. When the temperature sets down into a point where you can already handle it, gargle using that solution. You can do this as often as you wish until you can feel the difference.

Drink a cup of hot tea

Many swear by drinking a cup of hot tea.  Take any tea, warm it up and put a little lemon in it.  Some even swear by adding a smaller shot of whiskey to it as well.  Don’t wait too long, because you’ll want to drink it while it’s still hot.  Drink a few cups throughout the day to see if it can help ease the throat pain.  If you’re not a fan of lemon, add some honey to it instead.

Herbal Tea

An itchy throat can result to recurring cough and turn into a sore throat. Other indications like runny nose, inflamed eyes and difficulty eating or talking can accompany an itchy throat. The irritation in the throat is a swelling or allergic reaction that does come from countless origins. Divesting yourself of the itchiness as soon as possible is vital so that the inflammation does not spread. It is also imperative that you drink liquids that will help ease the irritation in your throat.

Drink a cup of pure herbal tea. Be certain that the tea is just lukewarm and not hot. Consider going outdoors or to a breezy or cool area as you sip on your tea to aid in lessening the itchiness, which could have been because of an allergy.

Try out some mouthwash

Gargle with some mouthwash that is strong such as the Listerine or Scope brand.  Gargle enough to have it reach the back of your throat.  Remember, you don’t want to swallow mouth wash!  The swallowing will coat your throat just enough to burn.  Gargle throughout the day whenever you feel the itchiness coming on.

Try over the counter medications

Over the counter medications such as Clariton and Allegra are great ways to help those with itchy throats due to allergies.  If you’re finding that whenever your allergies kick in, you get a scratchy throat, then these medications may be something to take to help ease the pain.

Sleep with the humidifier on

During the night, turn on a humidifier.  Not only is this going to help you breathe easier, it’s going to allow you to ease your itchy throat as you sleep.  Try to place the humidifier near your bed sot hat you can get the full effect.

See a doctor

If the itchy throat lasts more than 1 day, it may be best to see the Doctor for other remedies.  If they find that you have a cold or a flu, they may recommend some prescribed medicines that can get  you better in no time.

  1. Mark L Said,

    There are many types of throat lozenges available on the market such as Strepsil. But the most effective remedy I’ve found from personal experience is thick cough syrups. They soothe the pain and last much longer (4-6h) than lozenges (10-20min). Although these are cough syrups they work well at soothing any throat irritations. Vicks is the best brand to use. The initial strong blast of mint immediately takes away any itching and thanks to its thickness the itch is soothed for hours, by that time the cause should be gone.

  2. Pre Said,

    There are many causes for itchy throat. Deficiency of mucous secretion also cause itchy throat. By viral infection, cough, dry throat and fungal infection also cause itchy throat. By taking proper medicines such as antibiotics are good to cure itchy throat. Gargling the throat with warm salty water is a home remady to cure itchy throat. By taking two teaspoon of ginger juice with honey is a good remedy to cure itchy throat. Warm milk mix with half tea spoon of turmeric is a good medicine for itchy throat.

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