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How to Get Rid of iTunes

iTunes is one of the most popular media player softwares which originated from Apple. It is created to be used by both Mac and Windows users. It is uniquely designed to transfer files and songs to your iPod and iPhone. It can also administer the copy protection on purchase titles. It was initially introduced way back in 2001 for Mac users alone. In the succeeding years, in 2003 specifically, a Windows version was added. iTunes also integrates Apple’s online store for purchasing songs, videos and as well as iPhone applications.

Now, if there are some instances that you want to remove iTunes from your computer, some of you may find it hard to get rid of them completely. There will be some instances that you might have to do more than the usual way of removing programs from your computer. Note that the iTunes Store purchases and the songs that were imported from the CDs are automatically saved in you My Music folder. Here are some of the ways to remove iTunes:

Uninstall it

First and foremost is that you have to make sure that you have quit iTunes. Now, from the Start menu, click Control Panel. You will be prompted with the control panel box and from that, open the Add or Remove Programs icon. Locate the iTunes folder from the list then click it. On the opposite side of the iTunes folder, you will see an option that says Remove—click that. Just click on Yes when asked if you want to remove iTunes. After that, try and remove all the subset folders which are:

If you see other folder or programs that are associated with iTunes, remove that as well. After that restart your computer and you are all set.

Deleting the iTunes folder

If in any case that you still see any remnants of iTunes, repeat the steps indicated above. Then open Local Disk (CJ in Computer or wherever you have saved it. Next, open the Program Files folder. Right click the iTunes folder and select Delete from the list that you will see. Also, delete the iPod folder as well. The next thing that you have to do is to empty the Recycle Bin. You can do this by right-clicking the Recycle Bin icon and click Empty Recycle Bin. After that, restart your computer again.

eManual Guide

If all else fail, you might want to consider getting an eManual Guide which is packaged with repair and removal software. This will help you specifically to get rid of all the traces of iTunes from your computer. You must read all the instruction first and follow all the things that it asks you to do. Here are some of the helpful links regarding the eManual Guide:

What worked for you?

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