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How to Get Rid of Ivy Roots

Ivy plants are also known as Hedera. It is a timeless woody kind of plant that belongs to the Araliaceae family. They are crawling plants that are abundant near the Atlantic islands, Africa and some parts of Asia. They grow so quick that they can climb over trees, walls, houses with the height of 25 to 30 meters, in a short span of time.

Over the years, it has become an ornament plant to give your lawn a unique twist of nature. However, many people nowadays find them uncontrollable. They are known to be a notoriously invasive type of weeds. They can destroy nearby shrubs by depriving them the nutrients and space that they need to survive. Also, when they are left unattended, they can be all over the placed and looks very messy. Just like any other plants, you have to get rid of the roots first—it’s source of life. Here are few tips:

Root them out

For those who want to get rid of their ivy plant, the first thing that you’ll probably do is to cut it off. Not knowing that it will just come crawling back. The key is to aim for the roots. Using both of your hands and all the strength that you can find, pull them out as hard as you can. As you are in the process of pulling, ask somebody to dig along the edge to aid you as you pull the roots out. After that, still try to dig up and check for remaining roots. This goes out for newly growing ivies too, pull them out and destroy them immediately.


Ivies are infamous for being insidious weeds. They vie for soil nutrients and water, with trees left susceptible to uprooting during strong blustery weather and floods.

Digging is much simpler to administer if you’re coping with dead ivy. Unearth a part roughly a foot along the stem the ivy plant you want to eradicate with a shovel. Rummage around for side shoots or roots. Excavate alongside edges at say 30 centimeters in depth to reveal the ivy roots. When you find the roots, grasp and heave up all the ivy directly. Lose as much filth from the roots and crease the released plant back onto the ivy you haven’t disinterred yet. Be diligent. Chucking those roots out is vital, except if you are ok with doing it all over again every year.

Detergent solution

Another way to kill the ivy’s root is to pour a detergent solution over it. Although ivies are invasive weeds, take note that they are still plants and a detergent solution will just leave them weak. Just pour the detergent solution directly to the roots—this will be absorbed by the plant. If you can’t see the roots just yet, cut through the vines and try to locate it.

Seek for an expert

In the slightest chance that you have tried all means to get rid of them but they still come crawling back, call an expert arborist. With the kind of ivy that you have, this must be the right thing to do. Yes, you might have to give out a couple of dollars for it but it would spare you of the trouble and frustration.

What worked for you?

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