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How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is known as one of the most invasive species of perennial weed. It was first introduced to Europe from Asia way back the 19th century. They have been used as an ornamental plant and can be used as animal feed too. Because of their capability to spread quickly and aggressively, it has been a real menace to people as it can cause serious damage to buildings and other structures. Its aggressive growth has brought upon exposure of the weaknesses of some of the hard engineered structures such as concrete, tarmac and brick walls. It also presents an ecological harm and poses a threat to other plants.

Getting rid of Japanese knotweed is quite a challenge and is really difficult to do as even a small knotweed root left in the soil can start a whole new plant. There are a couple of choices that you can do on how to eradicate these irritating perennial weeds.

Cut the stems

This method can be really effective during the winter or fall season—just as when the ground is in low temperature but not frozen. The first thing that you want to search is the area where they form a canopy. What you want to do is to cut the stem at least 2 inches from the soil. After that, apply a 25% of glyphosate and tap water. Make sure that you have applied all the areas properly. You can also repeat this method until they are completely gone.

Cover them

Cover the Japanese knotweed with a tarp. Make sure that they are covered completely. This will smother them and eventually prevent them from getting the nutrients that they need from the sunlight. Put heavy objects above like power pots on top of the tarp to prevent it from getting away from that position. Make sure also that they do not push through the tarp.

Inject the herbicide

Spraying herbicides can harm the surrounding plants so injecting it will be much safer. The best time to do this is to wait for the best time and that is at the end of summer or fall—the end of growing season. Just fill up the syringes with the herbicide and inject the stems of the plant between its first and second nodes—one inch from the ground. Continue to do this until they are all gone.

Hire a professional

There are really instances that these weeds are really hard to get rid of. So instead of spending too much time on thinking on how to eradicate them and actually doing it on your own, it would be better to leave it to the experts. They exactly know what to do and how to deal with these kinds of weeds. Most of them guarantee that they won’t grow back and if in the slightest instance that some will grow back, you can call them back and they will get rid of them as well for free.  To find the best professionals in your area, you could use services such as to find the best quotes in your area.

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