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How to Get Rid of Jaw Acne

Acne is considered as one of the great misfortunes a person of all ages could get. It affects any parts of our body like the face, chest, neck and back. There are many types of acne and one of the most common acne in women is jaw acne. The most symptoms of jaw acne occur in the lower cheek, chin and neck.

Androgens are the most common cause of women’s jaw acne like usual acne found on the forehead, nose and other parts of the body. Androgens start to accumulate more oil which plugs hair follicles leading to the formation of acne. In this article, you can read how to get rid of jaw acne. Here are some basic, yet effective tips as to how you can control the formation of those unwanted jaw acne.

Consult your gynecologist with this problem

There are chances that jaw acne problem is related to hormonal imbalance like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  By consulting with a professional, he/she will be able to guide you to a solution that will work best with your acne problem.

Mixture of different oils against jaw acne

An author of a particular book states that a combination of carrot oil, rosemary essential oil and fennel essential oil can help to get rid of jaw acne. Using a clean cotton ball, dab a small amount of the mixture towards the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. To rinse, use a clean towel with cold water. This mixture can be used daily and try to maintain using the mixture for at least a month.

Avoid resting the face against the hands

The dirt that can be found in the hands can cause a lot of pores to get clogged after the bacteria made a habitat in that part of your face, the jaw area. If your hair is long and it touches the underside of the face then the hair should be tied back. The jaw area should be free from any irritation. If you find your jaw itchy, always resist the temptation. If you get involved in a highly physical activity that will surely make you sweat then wear a headband to get rid of sweat from going down to your neck.


One of the very tough daily skin care dilemmas is ministering to acne on the jaw line area. Blackheads and pimples on the jaw line destroy your facial outline, and pull concentration far from your eyes, nose, and the expressive muscles below the cheeks and brows of your face. Turning the problem into such an unmanageable thing, the type of acne that emerges on the jaw line frequently is different from the acne that you get anywhere else on your face.

A method termed as Facercise can be effective for jaw line acne. The movements you perform to restrain your jaw line from drooping aid in keeping pores open as well. Another advantage of administering everyday exercises other than less acne on the jaw line is prevention of double chins and sagging jaw lines.

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