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How to Get Rid of Jealousy

Jealousy is normal for both men and women. However, it can get scary when it reaches to the point when one gets out of control and turn into a dangerous monster. Some people consider it as a sign of distrust to your partner as much as you need to be. Jealousy can destroy a wonderful relationship, and can even tear down your self-esteem. Even the most patient and most loyal person can get tired from continuous attacks of jealousy.

But this does not mean nobody is allowed to get jealous, you just do not have to be an imperious monster all the time. There are some reminders that you just have to remember to control your jealousy at a normal level, without being a hideous, giant monster.

Do Not Be Paranoid

They say there are two types of jealousy: the normal type, which you think might be real, and the paranoid type, which you only make up in your mind. When you start feeling jealous, try to distinguish which one of these two is present. Normal type of jealousy is fine, and it serves a purpose. It is based from something you saw or heard, and it gives you a sign that your partner might be cheating on you. Meanwhile, paranoid jealousy is just a trick playing in your mind. Even though your partner does not show any signs of unfaithfulness, you still push the idea that he is cheating on you. Paranoid jealousy can get out of control and more complicated as it continues to prolong. You partner might get tired of these nonsense issues one day, even if he is being very loyal and sweet to you.

To prevent this from happening, you have to make sure if your jealousy is real or just a paranoid feeling. One of the ways you can determine this is by going back to your past relationships. Assess whether you had trust issues with your ex boyfriends or had been really jealous even if you did not have any reasons to be. If this happened to you before, what will happen now is that you are the only one causing this negative issue to yourself. To be able to save your relationship and prevent from ending it in a total wreck, stop being paranoid so you will learn how to let go of your doubts and negativity.

Do Not Compare

You may have an attitude that you always compare yourself to others and it is pretty common among relationships. There may be times that you cannot help comparing yourself from your boyfriend’s ex. You cannot stop thinking that he loved her more than he loves you now. This attitude will soon result to low self-esteem, which will cause you to become unsure of yourself and then start attacking your partner with nonsense jealousy.

If you do not want this to happen, stop the comparisons. You have to remind yourself always that everyone is different. Other people may have the things that you do not have, but you also have the ones that they are missing.

Do Not Ignore The Facts

Not having sufficient information may lead to feeling jealous because you start assuming things that did not actually happen, which result to doubtful conclusions. One of the most important factors in a relationship is to keep an open communication with your partner. It is fine to ask your partner questions that really bother you. You deserve to know what you need to know anyway, and it is best to come out from him personally. But you do not have to appear as if you are strictly interrogating him, all you have to do is ask questions in a natural way, and later on allow him to ask you his questions as well. This way you will both help each other get rid of any jealousy any one of you has.

Jealousy is not totally bad, as long as you keep it cool and do not allow it to overtake you. It is normal to feel jealous once in a while, just make sure you do not let yourself do things to drive away your partner. Having less jealous emotions will let you and your partner enjoy the relationship and companionship even more.

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