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How To Get Rid Of Jet Lag

Traveling is fun. Whether it’s a business trip or a family holiday, nothing beats the excitement that is brought about by vacation. Unfortunately, some people do not get to make the most out of their trip, especially if their holiday just lasts a few days. Why? Of course, the number one vacation mood breaker: jet lag. When you ride the airplane to visit a tourist spot away from your home, you cannot really be assured that once the plane lands, you are ready to savor your vacation. And you can blame jet lag for that!

When you experience jet lag, you can feel like you are sick. You will most likely feel dizzy, dehydrated, nauseated and tired. This temporary illness is caused by the sudden change in your surrounding including the different time zone and the weather. This sudden shift will primarily affect your internal body clock. This is a special body mechanism, that regulates your sleep and wake cycles. If jet lag hits you when you travel, this body clock of yours will be disrupted, causing your body to feel different in a troubling way. So if you are off to board the plane, be sure to try and follow these simple tips to get rid of jet lag.

Bask under the sun

Exposure to sunlight may help regulate your disrupted sleeping pattern. After the plane has landed and you feel like the jet lag hit you, rest for a bit then go out to bask under the sun. Sunlight is very important in readjusting your body clock. Experts say that it is best to go out and let yourself be exposed at around 11 am to 2 pm during your first travel day. Follow this with a relaxing walk the following morning.

Keep your body energized

Exercising is a must if you want to be able to enjoy your travel for the next days. When you walk, jog or stretch your muscles, you will relieve the tension that your body feels. It will also keep your body molecules moving so you do not feel sluggish.  There are many remedies available online that solely focus on things such as jet lag.

Drink lots of water

Water will aid in the regulation of your body fluids. Drinking water will promote your body mechanisms and circulation. So before you depart and once you arrive to your destination, make sure that you have drunk enough water to hydrate your body.

Drink some caffeine

A jet lag experience is one of the circumstances when it is okay to consume caffeine. This is to fight the sleepiness that you may feel during the day so that your day and night rest will not switch. When your eyes start to droop and it is just 12 noon, get a cup of coffee or soda to keep you buzzed. However, do not consume too much. One cup or glass will do enough to help you last the day.

Sleep and rest

Although you might feel like staying awake the whole day to be able to check out the whole new world around you, you still need to get enough sleep and rest. Failure to do so may promote the unwanted jet lag that you are experiencing.

Try using medications

There are some medicines that you can drink in order to prevent and to cure jet lag. You can get these at almost every pharmacy. Before you board the plane, it is advisable that you take a preventive jet lag medicine so that you can avoid the trouble that it may bring once you have arrived to your dream vacation.

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