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How To Get Rid of Kentucky Blue Grass

Kentucky Blue Grass is a natural addition to any lawn. It helps in healthy-looking vegetation as well. However, there are times when Kentucky Blue Grass is considered as one of those nasty weeds because they just randomly pop out of nowhere especially during the rainy season. It can grow on your lawn, and if untamed, may look really untidy instead of adding beauty to your garden.

If a Kentucky Blue Grass grows on your lawn or garden where it is unwelcomed, there are some things you can try in order to get rid of it. Here are some tips and guides that you can use when getting rid of Kentucky Blue Grass.

Spray them down

Although they are not the most environmentally friendly option when getting rid of Kentucky Blue Grass, weedkillers or herbicides can be quite effective to use. You can get a specialized bottle of herbicide for bluegrass on the market. Glyphosate is the recommended herbicide for this as Glyphosate herbicides do not have much harmful chemicals so the soil and the water supply do not get contaminated.

When using the herbicide, fill a garden sprayer with it and spray it on the soil where the Kentucky Blue Grass is growing. Remember to spray it on the soil and not the leaves. The best time to use herbicide is during a warm day so that the soil can quickly absorb the herbicide. Once the chemical has been absorbed by the soil, it will work on the Kentucky Blue Grass roots. It may take a few weeks before you can really see the effect of herbicides or weedkillers. The Kentucky Blue Grass will dry up and you can rake it to remove the dead Kentucky Blue Grass.

Use sod cutter

A sod cutter is a basic tool in gardening. It is used in order to cut out grasses in a lawn or garden. This is easier and more efficient to use as it cuts the grass down to the roots, making the lawn a lot cleaner than when you use a shovel. However, using sod cutter may require a bit of manual work, but at least, you are sure that your lawn is clean. If you do not have a sod cutter, you can borrow one from your neighbor or you can check the local gardening store if they have available sod cutters for rent.

Do some mulching

Mulching suppresses weeds. By laying a generous layer of mulch over the lawn, you will be able to control the growth of your Kentucky Blue Grass. When it is covered with mulch, the grass will have little room to grow and will receive little amount of light and eventually, it will die. Moreover, mulch also has other benefits that can contribute in making your lawn healthier.

Solarize it

Solarization is another way to get rid of Kentucky Blue Grass. The downside about this is that it can take some time before it can produce effects. If you want to get rid of Kentucky Blue Grass by solarization, you need something that will cover up the area where the grass grows. After being under the covers for weeks to months, the Kentucky Blue Grass will be killed by the trapped heat. When they dry up, you can just use a rake to remove it.

When you need to get rid of Kentucky Blue Grass, always think about the situation of your lawn first for you to be able the most convenient method to kill Kentucky Blue Grass.

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