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How to Get Rid of Kerosene Odor

Kerosene is one of the most multipurpose chemicals that originated from petroleum. It has been a popular option for using in lamps, camping equipment, lanterns, and jet fuel. However like any other petroleum materials, kerosene has a very strong, persistent odor that has the ability to fasten to any room or article of clothing.

Kerosene odors are extremely hard to get rid of, and most of the people who are having a hard time dealing with it are gasoline station attendants, pyrotechnics technicians and fire performers. One more important thing is that, kerosene fumes and odors may also create a potential danger because one spark can set kerosene fumes on fire. Kerosene that is improperly stored may also cause to suddenly burst into flames, or even cause pulmonary damage. But no matter how difficult kerosene odors to get rid of, there are still ways on how you can at least try to remove that stinking, dangerous odor.

Store Kerosene Properly

The first thing you need to make sure is that you place the kerosene in a safe storage properly. It is important that you just do not fill any ordinary bottle or can with kerosene. Instead choose a container that can appropriately store explosive and combustible substances, at the same time making sure that the lid or cover of the kerosene container is tightly sealed. If the place where you store the kerosene does not smell like kerosene at all, this will give you a hint that you properly tighten the cover of the container. Another important reminder is to ensure that you keep kerosene out of reach of children, or any source of flame. Also, if ever you do not use kerosene on a regular basis, it is better if you do not keep kerosene in your home at all. Only buy kerosene at an amount you need whenever you need them.

Defuse The Odor

Once the kerosene gets in contact with your skin, it usually takes a while before the natural oils in your skin can disperse the chemical. Logically, small amounts of kerosene will not linger on your skin for a long time unlike if you soak a large body part in a lot of kerosene. There are some products that help neutralize or cover up the odor of small amounts of kerosene on your skin. One is rubbing alcohol that can play the role of a solvent that dissolves some of the chemical bongs in the kerosene. Second is the mixture of ammonia and water, which can strongly dissolve the kerosene odor. Paraffin is also a known product to counteract the kerosene odor, be it a paraffin gel or paraffin wax. Just make sure you do not have allergic reactions to it.

Clean The Spill In A Snap

Kerosene odor has the strong ability to stay for a long time in clothes or rooms once it is leaked. Permeable and absorbent materials like carpet and wood have less chances of being able to remove the kerosene on them, especially when they are located in an area that smells like kerosene already. Oftentimes, the only solution to this issue is to have a professional cleaning service do the job for you. They are equipped with appropriate tools to get rid of the kerosene odor, but will definitely cost you a big for this one.

Fire Away

If ever you accidentally spill kerosene on concrete materials outside of your home, burning it is the easiest solution to get rid of the spillage. Kerosene burns plainly and rapidly compared to diesel or gasoline. Burnt kerosene does not even leave any marks on concrete. Just make sure to be careful when doing this method to prevent from hurting anyone or damaging anything else near the affected area. The most important reminder you need is to not burn out a kerosene spill when it has leaked into a flammable substance, such as wooden materials. Make sure that you also prepare a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher within easy reach before starting out this method, in case the flame goes out of control.

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