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How to Get Rid of Ketchup Stains

Ketchup has the capability to cause a nasty stain on just about anything. It can cause unattractive red blotches on fabrics, rugs, or floors. Because ketchup is a commonly used article in the kitchen, you might as well want to know how to get rid of ketchup stains just in case you encounter some incidence one of these days.

Getting rid of ketchup stains is less complicated than getting rid of other types of stains. You just need to take out the tomato bits on the surface before targeting on the actual stain. If in some cases the chunks are not removed, it can form stains on other parts of the surface, thus adding extra work on your part. Ketchup stains can be removed by the use of different household and commercially available materials. Just follow the instructions correctly to achieve great results.

Household Stain Tips

You may not know, but there are a lot of items in your home that can actually help get rid of ketchup stains. These items can be cleaners for other stuff, condiments, and other raw resources.


Among all the items in the kitchen, vinegar has the most versatile properties. It contains acidity that is helpful to other stuff, and most of them related to cleaning and disinfecting. All you need to do is mix vinegar with water, and use it to scrub on the ketchup stains. After that, you will notice that the stains will chip off and fade. The next time you will encounter this incident and you run out of stain remover, you may always choose vinegar as an alternative.

Lemon Juice

Lemon, which is also high in acid content, works like vinegar in some ways, especially when it comes to removing stains. You can use the lemon juice to pour over the stains, while you can use the lemon rind to act as a cloth. Scrub the lemon juice on the stain briskly until the stains go away, and then rinse with water.

Boiling H20

Boiling water may not do much against ketchup stains but it can help in dissolving bits of it from the surface. Try pouring boiling water on the stained surface immediately after it receives the stain. It will somehow keep the ketchup stains from spreading.

Commercial Products

There are products available in the market, which are designed to remove stains. These products are comprised of powerful formulas that effectively remove stains. The premium stain remover products are expected to have no problems getting rid of any stain there is, because of their chemical properties. Even those that are not specialized for that certain type of stain. If you want a sure solution to your ketchup stains, then you must purchase one of these stain remover products to achieve your desired results.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This type of stain remover is usually used for cleaning and disinfecting wounds, which is also very effective in getting rid of ketchup stains. This solution is efficient to use on stained surfaces such as fabrics, floors and furniture. Once the stains are gone, do not forget to rinse it off since this is a harmful substance to humans.


This type of stain remover is best to use on white fabrics and surfaces. It is designed to overpower stains and discolorations to be able to return the fabric to its original form. However, using bleach on colored fabrics or surfaces is not suitable. Its active ingredient will remove the color and create a white spot instead. But then again, if you are doubtful about the bleach’s effects, you may use its best substitute called Borax for removing stains.

Dry Cleaning Solution

This is one of the most expensive stain remover treatments. But it can definitely work wonders, which makes it worth the price you will have to pay. This type of solution is very efficient in getting rid of stains that can also be used on coats, suits and dresses. If you have a extra cash, try splurging on a dry cleaning solution to end all your stain-related issues.

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