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How To Get Rid of Key Marks

Investing on cars takes a lot of money. Whether you own an old, vintage car or a contemporary, flashy one, a good paint job is what makes it stand out. If you have recently taken your car to the auto-shop to get that new, fresh paint job, you would do everything you can to keep your car free of scratch. But what if an annoying person randomly scratches your car, intentional or not? Your temper might hike up and you might want to strangle the person right then and there. But note that, your anger cannot bring back that shiny paint of your car.

If your car has recently been affected with key marks, there are some things you can do to tweak and repair it. You wouldn’t need to visit the auto-shop and have it repainted again. With some do it yourself techniques, you can fix that annoying key mark on your car. Here are some things you can do to get rid of key marks.

Assess the damage

First, you must wash the affected area with warm water and soap. Let the water dry with the help of cloth. After the area has been cleared, you will get a better vision of how serious the damage is. Different depths of scratches need different approaches. As for key marks, if the scratch is not too deep, then you can do some repairing yourself without taking it to the mechanic.

The shoe polish trick

Sometimes, there are scratches which you cannot see by your own eyes right away. There might be some hidden scratches that you oversee. To avoid missing a key mark spot, you can do the shoe polish trick. Just rub some shoe polish (of different color from your car’s) on the scratched area with cloth and it will stick to the car surface, revealing the depth of the scratch. Once you have done this, you will be able to know which scratch areas to work on.

Sand away

To remove the shoe polish, you can get sand paper, dip it in cold water and scratch the shoe polish away. Be sure to work the sand paper according to the key mark direction. If it is upward or downward, then you must use the sand paper up and down. If the scratch is horizontal, use the sand paper back and forth. You can also add some soap on the water so that you can use the sand paper more smoothly. Once you have finished this step, clean up the sanded area and see if the trick has worked on the key mark. If there are still some minor scratches, you can use rubbing compound on the area to make the surface shiny again.

Use car wax

After sanding, wash your car again and make sure it is clean. Inspect the key marked area and if the scratches are not visible anymore, you can apply wax to your car. Remember to only use ahigh-quality car wax. This will help strengthen the paint and protect it against further damage in the future.

Touch up

If the paint job of your car was highly affected, you might need to repaint the scratched area. You have to buy similar paint color and do the painting yourself. Or if you cannot find any compatible car paint, you might need to take your car to the nearest auto-shop.

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