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How To Get Rid Of Kitten Fleas

Feline lovers often have their pets served with the best treatments, as well they should. Cats are lovable, adorable, and quite frankly, are a delight to have around. Not to mention, they are soft to snuggle and just oozes with pure cuteness. To this point, it is important to keep them that way. You don’t have to do it like cat maniacs and buy all sorts of grooming merchandise for your precious feline. It only means you should always check your cats for problems in relation to their health. Common sense dictates that your cat’s health is more important than its looks. Of course, this means a lot of responsibility, but if you want to avoid a ton of problems involving your cat, you shouldn’t overlook even a small problem in your cat. However, many believe that even if you keep your eyes on your cat twenty-four seven, there are a few problems that slip past the naked eye like kitten flea infestation.

Kitten fleas are very irritating and uncomfortable for your feline. You would know almost immediately as soon as your cat acquires them. They will scratch, scratch, scratch all that are itchy, and you know how sharp a cat’s claw can be. This means damage and bleeding to your precious cat. You will also notice that he will be covered with tiny bites and black flea dirt. Not to mention, you might also notice fleas jumping about in your carpet. In addition, it will lead to serious health problems if left untreated. More commonly, tapeworms are likely to spawn as soon as your cat acquires fleas. Another huge problem is anemia. In conclusion, fleas are bad news for your cats. They will make you and your pet’s lives both miserable. This article will show you how to get rid of kitten fleas.

Groom your pet

The first few steps require a bit of grooming like you normally would. Comb your cat with a flea comb over their entire body. Make sure to have a jar of heavily diluted bleach by your side as you comb to dip the fleas you collect from the comb to make sure they die. After combing away the fleas, rinse the comb with water before using on your cat again.

Clean your cat with flea shampoo

Cats hate water but it is necessary to shampoo your cat thoroughly. Flea shampoo is the way to go, but any other cat shampoo should do. After that, use a little and use soap and water to get rid of the remaining fleas after the shampoo.

Apply flea control products

After bathing your cat, apply a flea control product to the skin at the base of the neck. This is done 24 hours after the last bath. This will keep other fleas from jumping into your cat.

Clean up your cat’s bedding

Before you let your cat in their bed, wash all of its bedding using hot water and dry it in the dryer set on high heat. Vacuum the carpet and the rest of the bedding that couldn’t fit into the washer and cleanse the canister after every vacuuming.

Call an exterminator

Have an exterminator saturate your home with a flea bomb if the infestation proves heavy. Before doing so, make sure all the food and dishes are covered and all pets and people are out of the house. Outside, spray an outdoor flea treatment in your yard. Do this only after there’s not a soul in sight, both man and beast, to be exposed to the spray.

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