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How to Get Rid of Knee Cramps

Like any well oiled machine, the human body can take just enough before it wears down. Even the very thing that we think is making us healthy, exercising, can do damage to our body if not performed properly. If our body is over worked or over exercised, we may experience pain which is a sign that we are doing things wrong.

The knee is probably the most overworked part of the body, especially for athletes. Several people that don’t take time off of their usual physical activities can develop knee cramps. Just ask any athlete that plays 82 basketball games in a matter of 5 months if they have experienced knee cramps due to all of the games and practices, the answer may not surprise you.

Knee cramps are very painful and it may have underlying causes that can really damage the knee. These can be life changing situations that need to get immediate attention. If you experience this though, you may want to follow the following steps to immediately rid of this painful situation before visiting a medical professional:

Get enough rest

Knee cramps occur when the body has been over exercised. Be sure that you are getting enough rest in between exercises to make sure that the knee is not over worked that can result to knee cramps due to the muscles tightening.

Relax your knees

Knee cramps are felt immediately because of the pain that you might feel. If you do feel it, consider lying down and relax your knee. Once you have lied down on your back, stretch your legs to avoid getting further damage on the knee.

Take anti-inflammatory medicines

If the pain is too much, it will be a good idea to take over the counter or anti-inflammatory medicines. Although the effects may be temporary, it can be a good counter effecting agent before you have your knees checked up.

Avoid sticking to the same exercise

Trying various exercises is great for the body so you may want to try different activities. Running is a great way to keep the body healthy, although the force that our legs make to the ground is great that it can have a bad effect to the knee. Using other exercises such as swimming or biking, you will be able to perform great exercises without making the knee to work as much.

You should try these exercises and schedule them alternately to decrease the chance of getting knee cramps.

Take foods that are rich in bone strengthening nutrients

Milk, cheese and other dairy products are rich in calcium, these nutrients are very important to keep the bones sturdy and they will be able to provide the bones with enough strength to support the body. Also, take supplements that can increase the intake of Vitamin D as this cal also provide additional nutrients dairy products are providing.

Wear appropriate attire

You may think that what you wear during exercises are just for aesthetics but shoes and sports wear serve a purpose that can help decrease the chance of body injury. Always wear the right type of shoes for the activity that you will perform. It is also a great idea to wear knee braces as an added support to your knees during extended exercise sessions. This will also prevent any feelings of discomfort during exercise routines.

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