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How to Get Rid of Knee Pain

The human body is constantly functioning and because of this, it is subjected to wear and tear. The body, when overused or even over exercised, may break or may be damaged. A simple exercise that we do to improve our health can lead to disastrous results if not performed properly or if prior warm up is not done.

One of the body parts that are heavily affected by daily activities is the knee. Athletes depend on the knee when they run or jump. Most of the time, the knee is abused and they are not given ample time for resting for recovery that even though they are on the verge of breaking down, they are still ignored. Because of this, knee pain may occur which is a telltale sign that the knee is overworked.

Knee pain may be a sign of other serious cases but nevertheless, they should be immediately looked at and proper care should be provided. Knee pain should be taken very seriously and if you experienced prolong pain in the knee, try to perform the following steps so that the pain would not worsen:

Rest between exercises

Knee pain is usually felt when you over exercise, if you are done with a particular exercise try to rest first by stretching out your legs. Once they are fully rested, this is the only time that exercising should be continued. If you feel a sting of pain in the knee, then stop exercising completely to avoid damaging the knee any further.     

Warm up before exercising

Warming up is a very important part of any exercise. It is considered as light exercising since body movement is also involved while preparing the body for the usual workout. If the muscles are not prepared before exercising, this often results in cramps and damage on the body.

Perform crutches and stretches before heavy exercise to make sure that your body is well prepared. Brisk walking before running is highly suggested to condition the legs, especially the knee.

Take pain reliever medicines

If the pain felt is more than normal, you should take medicines that can reduce the pain. There are over the counter anti inflammatory medicine as well as pain relievers you can purchase and take immediately for fast relief

Perform different types of exercises

Exercising should not be a reason to damage your body as performing it right can help in improving your well being. This is why you should avoid performing prolonged activities that would focus on just a single part of the body. A perfect example would be swimming after you have extended running sessions. The results are almost the same but your legs will not be abused since swimming does not force your legs to the ground which can weaken it over time.

Take foods high in calcium

Our body is supported by bones. Imagine the weight of the fat and muscles without the bone supporting it. Calcium is a mineral that has bone strengthening properties and it can be found in a variety of foods. Not only these foods are rich in calcium, they are not hard to intake since these are popular foods such as milk and cheese.

Other sources of calcium are supplements that may provide the body with other essential nutrients that can assist in making our body healthier.

Wear the proper attire

There are specific attires that you can wear for different exercises. These are designed to provide maximum protection for the body. Knee support should provide ample protection for the knee during heavy exercises while the right shoe can provide comfort while running.

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