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How to Get Rid of Knits

Parasites thrive when they have a host to live onto. These organisms live off of other healthy organism and their effects can greatly vary depending on where they live. Some parasites may even go inside the body of the host which can be hard to get rid of while others live outside of the body and could be easier to remove.

One type of parasites that lives on the scalp of a person is lice. Lice are small organisms that feed off of the blood of the person they live in. The transmission of lice often occurs from one person to another. Lice often live on school aged children but they can still affect anyone.

Lice reproduce by laying eggs called nits and this is the source of the problem since they are harder to get rid of. When you experience itching this is probably the best symptom to identify that you have lice in your head. Getting rid of knits is a long process. The usual solution would be prescription shampoos but there are other ways that you can do to remove knits from your head. The following are some of the possible ways to get rid of knits:

The eggs may take longer to remove

Lice are small but they are visible to the eye. They can be removed by hand but it can be a long process nevertheless they can be removed. The real battle is against the nits, check the hair for presence, you would still see them having brown, tan or cream colored. They are located in the hairline or behind the ears.

Use lice shampoo

Conventional shampoos won’t be able to take care of the knits since they are not formulated to get rid of them. There are commercial lice shampoos that you can purchase to help in removing knits. Prepare the hair by washing it thoroughly especially for those who have a very thick hair so the shampoo will penetrate the scalp.

Thoroughly wash the hair

Dividing the hair in different sections for washing will allow you to focus on the cleaning of the different scalps of the hair. Cleaning small sections at a time will allow for a more thorough washing of the hair.

Wash possible contaminants

You should try to wash different items in your house such as bed sheets, linens or stuff toys. It is possible that knits live on them and they should be washed with soap and hot water. You can also try soaking them in white vinegar and water solution before applying soap to them. 

Use natural methods for removal

If you are not into chemicals, you can use natural products in getting rid of nits. Olive oil can be used since they can dissolve the exoskeletons of lice or knits. Once you apply olive oil, wrap your hair in a bag and then leave it on overnight or for 12 hours. When washing, use soap and water rather than shampoo to easily remove the oil from the hair.

Perform the steps to other people in the house

The effort in removing knits would go to waste if you don’t perform the procedures to other people in the house since they may be affected by knits as well. Ask them to do the procedures the same time as you did to avoid re contamination after you have ridden yourself of knits.

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