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How to Get Rid of Knock Knees

There are deformities in the body that aside from causing physical deformities, it can also heavily affect its functions. One of these conditions make the lower legs are angled outward. Knock knees are typically part of normal child development. The normal development of knock knees straightens itself out by the time the child become 6 or 7 years old.

There are instances though that this condition doesn’t fix itself and the condition can worsen that it can stay up until the child reaches puberty. Some of the causes are the kids’ weight since the knees would lean inwards to support the additional weight. Weak bones can also lead to the condition since the bone is not strong enough to provide support.

Due to the way it looks, knock knees can cause damage to a person’s self esteem since it doesn’t look normal. Some conditions of knock knees can lead to osteoarthritis if left untreated and this can be harder to treat in the long run. To get rid of knock knees, follow the steps listed below:

Support the knee with braces

If your body weighs heavily, the knee alone will not be able to support it. Wearing knee braces would lessen the chance of the condition from worsening, but it would also help in encouraging the alignment of the knee joint which can correct the condition. Although it should be noted that the knee may develop dependency to the braces so use it sparingly.

Wear the right kind of shoe

Knock knees can be a result of having misaligned foot. By wearing a shoe that has insole, it may correct the positioning of the foot which in turn would lead to correcting the misaligned knee joint that causes the knock knees.

Visit an orthopedist in extreme cases

An orthopedic is an expert in bone conditions and deformities. For children that have extreme conditions, parents should visit a medical professional right away so their children could undergo therapeutic sessions that can help in correcting the condition.

Physical therapy is one of the most effective solutions when you have knock knees and with the addition of using different tools to treat knock knees, the therapy sessions would make the treatment faster.

Perform exercises that focus on strength building

There are exercises that you can perform that can be considered as therapy as well. The exercises must be consulted with a physiotherapist so that it will provide strength to the weak muscles in the knee area.

Remember that a visit to the physiotherapist is very important since the wrong type of exercise can worsen the condition.

Perform constant stretching

Your joints and muscles require constant stretching and exercises designed by physiotherapists that focus on the two parts mentioned. There are cases that the joint can be misaligned and will also shorten and may stiff.

Intake food rich in calcium

Calcium rich foods such as milk and cheeses would help supply the correct amount of calcium the body needs. By strengthening the bones, the knees would be able to support the body and would prevent knock knees or any condition that is similar to it.

Aside from milk and cheeses, you can also take supplements that provide the body with calcium. Different supplements can provide various vitamins and minerals but there are supplements that provide high amounts of calcium.

  1. Ariselle Bullard Said,

    this was helpful thank you so much. I suffer from knock knee and it has affected my self esteem, the way i walk and everything and i researched a cure and I think i found it .

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