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How to Get Rid of Knuckle Pads

You may notice skin colored nodules that may develop on your hands. These are benign, smooth, firm and nodules that are located in the skin. These conditions are called knuckle pads which can correlate to a history of repetitive trauma which are related to sports or occupation.

Aside from acquiring it from repetitive trauma from sports and the occupation, knuckle pads can be obtained from inheritance. They are very apparent to people that uses their hands in heavy construction or for athletes such as boxers and gymnasts. No one is safe with this condition since they can develop at any age.

Knuckle pads vary in size and shapes and depending on the tone of the skin, the shade of color can differ. They can also be mistaken as warts due to their appearance. To help remove the knuckle pads, you can follow the following procedures:

Wear gear that can protect the hands

Depending on the occupation wear the appropriate gear for the hands so that it wouldn’t be exposed to conditions that can lead to having knuckle pads. Gloves are the perfect solution for keeping your hands from acquiring this condition since they serve a certain level of protection.

Gloves have varying thickness that can offer different levels of protection. Your work conditions will dictate the type of gloves that you will need to use since there are gloves that are specifically made for a certain occupation.

Soften knuckle pads

There are different medicines available that you can apply to the knuckle pads. These medicines can help soften or it can even remove the lesions made by the knuckle pads. Medicines such as salicylic acid and urea can be applied to knuckle pads.

Surgical care may be required

If the knuckle pads worsen to the point that it can cause functional problems, you can have it surgically removed. Surgical intervention is the only procedure that can help you remove the condition if prior medication doesn’t work. Although this doesn’t guarantee that knuckle pads will be totally removed and recurrence is likely to happen.

There will be cases that scar or keloid formation may occur from having surgery. Additional procedures may be required if the knuckle pads have affected the hand so much that it damaged the tendon when attempting to remove knuckle pads.

Break bad habits

Certain habits may result in having knuckle pads. Psychological intervention may be necessary if these habits become excessive. Children that suck on their fingers can acquire knuckle pads if this behavior is not corrected immediately.

Other habits that may involve rubbing the fist should be stopped as well to avoid worsening the condition. If your hands are very sensitive, and your work conditions are rough, you may even have to consider switching careers.    

Visit a dermatologist

A dermatologist is an expert in skin conditions. If you want to be certain of the procedures that you will perform, you will need to visit a professional to make sure that the medicine and the steps that you will take will be effective. Aside from this, there are dermatologists that have facilities and tools specifically used to remove knuckle pads easily.

Stronger medicine may be necessary

Stronger doses of medicine may be necessary to remove knuckle pads that are stubborn. You can inject steroids to the lesions or apply chemicals that can break down the tissue which can help in removing the knuckle pads easily.

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