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How to Get Rid of Lace Bites

A lace bite is also called the skate bite.  By the name itself, this commonly happens to those who wear skates like hockey players and ice skaters. The lace bite occurs when a person wears a new pairs of skates or someone who hasn’t wore one in a long time. This is because of the pressure from either the skate tongue (that is not well broken in) or just maybe not that flexible. What happens is that when the person ties the laces really tight (which is the way it should be), the skate tongue presses the ankles and tendons. When in continuous motion, one of the tendons can cause tendinitis which is a medical term for inflammation of the tendons. It can be really painful as this tendon is an essential one because it is responsible for dorsiflexion of your ankle.

If you are someone who happens to have one of these, here are some tips on how to get rid of it and ways to prevent it as well.

Cold compress

This will reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain. A good 30 minutes will be more than enough to soothe the lace bite. However, avoid doing this if you are still going to play or practice. This will just constrict you muscles and it will be harder to move. Also this is just a temporary remedy. As long as your skate tongue is still not properly broken in, you lace bites will still occur every time you use your skates.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Since the main problem is tendinitis which is the inflammation of the tendons. Anti inflammatory medication will easily take care of that. There are plenty of corticosteroids that you can buy over the counter or have your doctor prescribe a specific one for you.  Take one of these on a daily basis and after a few days, you should notice a significant difference with the bites.

Purchase bunga pads or adjust your tongues

Many skaters opt to use bunga pads or other silicone products. This will help reduce the pressure that the skate tongue is giving your ankle. This is a perfect temporary solution while you are still breaking in your skates.  A cheaper alternative to a bunga pad is a household sponge that you can find in your kitchen.  Cut the sponge up and place it in the tongue of your skates whenever you use it.

Another way is to go to your local skates’ store. Ask them to replace your present tongue blades with ‘double felt tongues’. This will provide your with more padding thus giving you comfort from the pressure.

Purchase new skates

Lace bites are commonly due to skates that don’t fit properly.  To avoid getting lace bite after each and every time that you play, consider getting a new pair of skates that fit.  Attempt to go to a local skate shop and have a professional fit the skates for you.  By getting a pair that fits, you’ll quickly find that you won’t come across this problem anymore.

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