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How to Get Rid of Lactic Acid

When you move around, walk, run or exercise, your body will be needing energy for you to sustain your daily needs. For that, the sugar that is inside your body is then broken down into different chemical which is when energy is produced. The key to a successful process is oxygen. Just as long as you get enough amount of oxygen, this process will continue and you will have water and carbon dioxide as the end product. However, if your body doesn’t get the oxygen that it needs, the process comes to a halt. What happens now is lactic acid builds up and accumulates in your muscles and eventually in your bloodstream.

Lactic acid is an important component in your body. It acts like the fuel that keeps you going. However it is also known as a powerful organic acid. So strong that when it accumulates in your bloodstream, it can cause fatigue and distress during movements especially when you’re exercising. The best way to get rid of this is to know on how your body can use all the lactic acid. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Stretching and warming up

It is very important that you ready your body first before doing any strenuous activities. Stretching your muscles is a very important routine to keep you muscles limber. With that, it minimizes the possible damages and pain that you might feel when exercising. Also, this serves like a go signal to your body and in return, your body gets to be ready. Afterwards, you must warm yourself up. This is just a slow pace exercise prior to the main exercise routine. Start with a slow pace then work your way up to a higher exertion rate.

When in pain, slow down

Accumulation of lactic acid is very detectable. Once you feel a burning sensation as you begin to increase your pace, which just means that your body is producing more lactic acid than it should have. It also means that your tissues and your liver is not capable of absorbing and utilizing the excess lactic acid. Slowing down will give you a chance to inhale enough oxygen. That will somehow soothe the burning feeling that you had.

Cool down

Once you feel that you will end your exercise routine, never go into a complete halt abruptly. What you have to do is to slow down slowly over. It would probably take 5 to 10 minutes before you completely stop. This will make your metabolism going. Thus, giving you the chance to keep your breathing in a certain pace and manner where your body can obtain the right amount of oxygen. Also, it will aid your body get rid of the waste products (carbon dioxide) then allow your heart to cope up and slow down in a regular manner.

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