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How to Get Rid of Lady Beetles

Lady beetles are known for its spots that are located at their back where their wings are located. According to experts, they can have up to 22 spots. Their colors range from yellow to orange and to black. It is very known to be from Asia but has been introduced to North America and Europe. It is commonly called Asian lady beetle or sometimes the Japanese ladybug.

These kinds of beetles are normally beneficial insects as they are predators of other garden pests like aphids, spider mites and other soft bodied arthropods. Amidst their benefits, they become a nuisance during their adult life as they try to enter nearby houses for shelter. They will usually start by fall and stay there until spring. Then some may even eat off clothes and can cause damage to some household items. Imagine number of lady beetles inside your home. It would be very frustrating and irritating to see. With that, there are ways on how to get rid of them:

Seal your house

Before the fall season stars, start preparing your home against lady beetles. Close your screen doors and  window screen. Make sure that they are properly sealed so that they won’t be able to go inside when the time comes. Check for cracks and any openings too. You can use weather stripping to seal screen doors. However if you have torn window screens, you may need to buy a new one. Also, seal your door frames, window frames and most of all sliding doors. Lastly, check the air vents and piping just to make sure.  You’ll want to make sure that there are no openings or cracks that these lady beetles can’t get into.

Change the color

This sounds like a wacky thing to do, but lady beetles are actually attracted to colors that are light such as yellows.  If you have a home that is lighter in colors, you may want to consider changing it up.  If you really want to go this route, consider changing the color of your home to a darker color so that they are no longer attracted to your home.

Light trap

This kind of trap is very effective as lady beetles are naturally attracted to light. All you have to do is to set up an indoor radiating light. Then prepare a basin with water. Put the radiating light into a position where it is hanging on top of the basin with water. Once they get attracted to the light, they’ll go near it. The radiation will leave them weak and then they’ll drop into the basin and eventually drown.


According to Ohio State University Extension, it is best to use a long lasting pesticide. This will prevent lady beetle bug migration. They suggest insecticides with pyrethrin or pyrethroid. They suggest that these should be applied outside the walls, around eaves, attic vents, roof overhangs, doors and windows. Just make sure to read the instructions first before using them. Pyrethrin is very effective as it acts as a light adhesive. When they have contact with this chemical, they’ll die shortly afterwards.

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