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How To Get Rid of Lake Algae

Is there a lake or a small pond near your home? Has the water become more of a green shade than blue? Are you being bothered by the stinky smell coming from the water? It might be because of lake algae blooms. Lake algae naturally grow on water bodies. It is not normally troublesome. In fact, living things on the lake survive with the help of lake algae. But when the amount of lake algae has grown dramatically, it can start to become an annoyance to people and other marine life forms.

Lake algae are not that pleasing to the environment. They make the scenery look ugly and filthy, plus they have a bad smell. Aside from this, lake algae helps to limit the oxygen underwater, which can cause decline in number of living forms under the lake. It also clogs water pipes and contaminates water. If you want to end the nuisance that lake algae bring, here are some tips on how to get rid of lake algae.

Take away their resources

In order for lake algae to die, you must take away all the things that they depend on in order to survive. Lake algae need a great amount of nitrogen and sunlight to live. Decaying tree stumps and animals can be a source of nitrogen. If there are old, dead tree stumps or woods near the lake, you might as well do some actions to remove them, so that the amount of nitrogen will be lessened, thus, lessening the food resources of lake algae.

Clean up the lake and shore

Taking away all dirty materials and substances near the lake can greatly help. This will not just help kill lake algae, but this will also prolong the life of people living near the lake. A dirty lake can lead to death of people as bacteria and viruses easily contaminate the water and multiply.

Tanks and pipes connected to the lake must also be pumped and cleaned regularly so that no lake algae will get stuck inside them. Lake algae can clog water passageways which can lead to water resources disturbance.

Plant trees

Sunlight is also essential to lake algae. You can plant trees and other bushes along the lake to create shade. This will help limit the amount of sunlight that hits the lake water. Aside from lesser lake algae, you can even get a better environment when you plant trees.

Barley straw netting

Studies show that barley can help shoo away lake algae. Place barley straw on the lake water and it might help to decrease the growth of lake algae. According to statistics, for every acre of lake water, you must use around 100 kilograms of barley straw.

Create waves

There is some equipment that you can install in the lake like fountains. The water movement will help oxygen to circulate in the lake waters. The more amount of oxygen under the lake, the lesser the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus will be. Although artificial waves might be costly, it can be a good investment to. But if you do not have much money, you can always improvise.

To be able to get rid of lake algae, you can always ask support of your other neighbors. Lake algae clean-up drive is quite hard and takes a lot of time, so if more people are working together, the problem can be solved easier.

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