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How To Get Rid of Lake Weeds

Does your lake or pond seem to be getting greener than usual? When you go out to the lake to chill on a boat and catch fish, is it getting quite hard for you to row your boat and to see swimming fish? If you have met circumstances like these, lake weeds might be the culprit.

Lake weeds are one of the biggest problems of people trying to maintain the cleanliness of a lake or pond. Not only does it make the lake unclean, it also kills natural inhabitants of the lake. Many owners or managers of lakes or ponds spend a lot of money just to keep their property well taken care of; which means lake weed control. If you have enough money, you can easily hire lake weed control services but if you do not have enough funds to keep the property at its best, there are some things you can do to get rid of lake weeds such as:

Simple cleaning

If the situation of your lake is not that bad yet, you can just opt to clean the area. Get rid of garbage, dead plants, tree trunks and animals which can produce harmful gases like nitrogen. You may want to reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus chemicals on your lake as they are some of the major food resources of lake weeds and algae.

Use herbicides

There are herbicides that are specifically made for lake weeds. Although herbicides can have side effects, it can really work if you want to get rid of lake weeds. Opting to use herbicides which are copper sulfate-based can be good too because it contains natural minerals which does not really affect fish, but it can kill aquatic plants and lake weeds efficiently.

Barley straw for weeds

A few studies claim that placing barley straw on the lake bed helps reduce the number of aquatic plants and weeds. When the barley straw decomposes, the chemical and gas that come from it kills unwanted aquatic plants and lake weeds.

Weed eaters

There are some classifications of fish that eat lake weeds and algae. A classic example is Koi. Just purchase it from the local fishery and place it on your own lake. Not only can it help fight lake weeds, it can also help your lake become more productive over time. Placing fish that feed on lake weeds can also be an addition to the barley straw method since it does not harm fish, so you can do both things simultaneously for better results.

Go deeper

Lake weeds cannot survive if the sunlight does not reach them. You can dig your lake deeper until the sunlight cannot reach the bed. With no access to light, lake weeds will not grow and multiply.

Lake weed removal

If you cannot handle the lake weeds anymore, you might have no other choice but to get some help. You can call the lake weed removal team to get rid of lake weeds. Although this may require you to spend a lot, at least, unwanted aquatic plants can really be removed without exerting much effort on your side.

Lake weed control is not just a one-time process. After you have get rid of the weeds, you still must monitor your lake in order to prevent lake weeds from infesting the water again. Getting rid of lake weed might really be tiring but when you see that clean, fresh, weed-less lake, you can say it is worth it.

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